The Graduates of the 200 Hour Intensive Yoga Pranala Teacher Training

Meet some of our 100 + graduates of the 200 Hour Intensive Yoga Pranala Teacher Training, an 8th-year running program.

Their stories might inspire you to change your life!



AUDREY FORBES from kent, WA, United States, 200-h YPTT graduate, 2013

Audrey , a Yoga Pranala graduate from the United States, has shared her success story with us.  From being passionate about yoga, she pursued her dream to become a yoga teacher.

Audrey was born and raised in New York,  and in 2006 started to become interested in yoga.  She recalls:

“Around 2006 I felt I needed some physical exercise and time away from the house … I was homeschooling three children (twin boys and a daughter) and was also a rabbi’s wife.

“I had back issues for many years from carrying the twins. I heard about Yoga and decided to drop into some local Yoga classes thinking it would help me to get away mentally as well as help with my back. I found that within six months, I didn’t need back massage any longer, and my back issues went away.

I also found myself changing.  My patience was increasing, and things that used to bother me weren’t so important anymore. Yoga was causing changes within me, physically and mentally.

It was fantastic….a transformation I couldn’t even have imagined.”

After practicing yoga and noticing all the benefits, she started to think about yoga as a lifestyle and even a possible career.

“My decision to become a yoga teacher was serendipitous….

“My kids had gone on to public school as our homeschooling time had ended. I was planning to go back into the software testing industry that I’d left when I had the kids, but it was difficult getting my foot back in the door.

I had started my own redesign business and was doing some freelance writing on the side. Sitting in a coffee lounge, I thought about doing a Yoga teaching training and googled it.

I found a place in Bali and decided to check it out. It was Intuitive Flow’s Teacher Training. I read the information and thought how amazing it would be.

I closed the page and thought, this is crazy. But I opened it up again and couldn’t get it out of my head.

I told my husband about it a few days later, knowing that in my mind I was being pulled toward it and that was where I was going — Bali.

I knew it was where I was supposed to be.”

So in 2013 she enrolled into the 200 Hour Intensive Yoga Pranala Teacher Training in Ubud and spent 22 days with Linda Madani, her team of experienced teachers and other enthusiastic trainee-yogis.

“I had prepared myself for the training physically, to be able to endure the intensive days. The training was very well planned, and the location was beautiful.

“The staff was very nurturing and caring, and the training and activities were all very appropriate. I felt encouraged entirely in my choice after having attended the training. So many good memories, imprints on my soul for a lifetime. I also loved the culture and the connections with spirit.

“My understanding of yoga shifted during this training, in the way that Yoga is not just a thing we do as a business or a job to go to or to get out of the house.  It is a way of life and a tool to guide me through my days.

“The different limbs of Yoga are useful to me at different times, and they are all available to me. I feel the knowledge of Yoga that has been given by way of the training has given me a connection to those who do Yoga all around the world in the present and past.

“It is a transmission of knowledge and a valuable link to generations of collective wisdom in action and searching within and without for the Divine.”

After the training, she started teaching immediately in Kent, WA.

“After completing the training and registering with Yoga Alliance as a 200RYT, I started immediately to teach.

“I worked with my husband to design business cards, ordered props, mats, etc…and was ready to hit the ground teaching when I returned home.  I did all this near the end of my training in Bali. I intended to teach.

“After my first training, I taught at a mobile studio for six months. In March of 2014, I signed a lease on a building and began my studio, Soul Spark Yoga.

“I have been teaching there ever since. I offer many classes a week, and I incorporate Mudra Pranala in my Yoga Pranala Classes. I offer Yin Yoga, Yoga Pranala with Yoga Nidra, and Yoga for Relaxation classes.

“I also offer Ayurveda series classes, Gunas & Chakras series classes, Pranayama and Mantra series classes, and Yamas & Niyamas series classes.”

ESTHER MELUN from Paris, France, 200-h YPTT  graduate, 2017

Esther is one of the 2017 200-h YPTT graduates.

I started doing yoga just like that, for a class in college. I ended up at the end of the semester with an interest I hadn’t thought would be there.

And there I was, self-teaching myself mostly, with videos online, sometimes subscribing to well known teachers online workshops, and websites or plans.

For the first two years, (I started around 5-6 years ago – in 2012 I really seriously did) I was really doing yoga in my basement, on my own, testing my limits, trying postures I liked, flows I enjoyed.

Then I added to my practice some classes in studios, but I moved a lot at that moment, so I changed several times of studio and of teaching style, while still self-teaching myself at home.

I think having been to four or five different yoga studios gave me the opportunity to see so much different teaching types, that now I know more easily what I like and don’t, and it’s easier to find my own colors as a teacher myself.

I decided to do the yoga teacher training because yoga has brought such needed stillness to my mind; at least more skills to adapt to the flow of life, like we learn to flow on our mats.

And that was such a huge gift and learning that I wanted to be able to share that with others, whatever yoga could bring to any individual, because it is so rich and can vary so much from one individual to the other.

I arrived in Bali two years ago, and found Intuitive flow that year, where I took classes. The year after, I wanted to go back and saw the opportunity of the yoga teacher training : I didn’t hesitate much. It was clear to me that I wanted to learn how to give some of what I had learn.

And I learned so much more. My own practice is way more rich than it was, and it allows me to teach in a deeper way than I ever thought I could. I also see yoga in such a broader way : it is a way of living, whether you apply or feel drawn to all part of it. It’s a beautiful, complex, and complete way of seeing the world. I’ve graduated in august 2017, and couldn’t be happier to already be in an amazing team, replacing my fellow co-workers (although I would all call them family!) and teaching workshops more specific to Yoga Pranala. It helps me balance my life, enrich my practice, and enjoy the little things of everyday.

After completing the training in Bali , I was offered the possibility to teach Vinyasa and Hatha at studio M in Sherbrooke, as well as organizing Trance-Dance workshops.

Recently, I’ve been assigned to be a brand ambassador for Titika active-wear and also Rose Buddha, which is the one made in Montreal.

Linda George from New Zealand, 200-h YPTT graduate, 2014.

Linda is one of the graduates of 2014 YPTT and she is currently a yoga teacher in a yoga studio in Wellington , New Zealand, an astrologer and writer.

Yoga has been in my life for more than 30 years. I discovered yoga when I was a gymnast in my teens, and it has taken me through four pregnancies and all the ages and stages, ups and downs of life to the present. My practice continues to evolve, as I do.

One of my great enthusiasms in life is the quest for ‘holistic’ wellness and to this end I have studied (and have qualifications in) naturopathy, herbalism, nutrition, astrology, psychology, journalism and yoga – of course. I was a journalist in the past and continue to write and research on the subject of consciousness. Holistic wellness means balance and integrity between all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  What I love about yoga is its depth. Not only the body benefits from this practice, but we ‘grow’ our consciousness across all four levels. We learn to move and be in our bodies more consciously, to breathe more consciously, and as a consequence we become more balanced and harmonious – affecting our emotional and spiritual disposition.

My yoga style is a reflection of my long involvement in a philosophy of holism. The classes I teach are a fusion of Yoga Pranala (based on a Balinese healing system) and Yogalign (pain free yoga from the inner core).  My aim and hope is for participants in my classes to feel a deeper connection, contentment, appreciation and en-JOYment of the experience of being in a body, in their body, in this life.

PANDE PUTU from Bali, Indonesia, 200-h YPTT  graduate, 2017

Pande is one of the 2017 200-h YPTT graduates.

is a massage therapist and yoga teacher at Intuitive Flow, a graduate of our teacher training.

He was born on this adorable beautiful island, Bali.

“I knew about yoga for many years , but I joined my very first yoga class on 2010. My first class was awesome, I will never forget it. At that time I felt something different. Something that I couldn’t describe by my own words. At the end of the class I felt deeply in love with yoga.

In 2011 I started to join a lot of yoga activities in my University, and also I learnt how to be a yoga instructor, to lead my friends. After graduating from my University, I couldn’t practice it as much as I did before because I was so busy with my job.

Finally in April 2017 I decided to join the Yoga Pranala Intensive Teache Training, and I got a lot of support from my friends.

My goals were to develop my knowledge about yoga and to gain discipline. God lead me to choose the best way.

After the level 1 Yoga Pranala Training and getting my 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance, I got opportunity to teach yoga at Intuitive Flow and at Amrta Siddhi in Ubud.

I am so greatful for this opportunity to be able to learn more and more about teaching and sharing my practice with others.

Every time I teach, at the end of the class, I always remind my students about self  love and taking more care of themselves more.

Currently I teach Basic yoga at Intuitive Flow and Gentle yoga at Amrta Siddhi.”

Saori Lichte from Japan, 200-h YPTT graduate, 2014.

Saori is one of the graduates of 2014 YPTT and she is currently a yoga teacher in Singapore.

I am from Japan and living in Singapore. I have been in Singapore for 6 years now.


I started doing yoga about 14 years ago. I used to work in the office and had shoulder and neck stiffness. So I joined a yoga class nearby the office.  I felt so refreshed and uplifted during the yoga class and noticed that my face looked much brighter after the class. Since then, I have been practicing yoga.


First I decided to have a 200 hour teacher training in Bali, and after that I started looking for a teacher training course.


When I saw the website of Intuitive Flow , I could tell that Linda is on the spiritual path and the she was teaching yoga in an authentic way.


I began to be interested in learning yoga from her and now I feel I made the right decision to join her training in 2014.


During the training, I felt honored that she was really sharing a lot of things that she has learned during her yoga journey.

I particularly loved the morning yoga classes, the chanting and ceremonies.


I really appreciate her effort to build up this 200 Hour Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training program.

The yoga pranala training program helped me a lot to transform my mind and

I truly believe this teacher training can help the trainees to transform.


The teacher training helped me transform the mind, and also the body through body postures

( asanas).  It helped me grow on a personal and spiritual level.


Linda’s program is covering a lot of aspects of yoga and it helped me to expand my experiences and understanding about yoga.


It’s been 3 years since I’ve graduated the teacher training and as I continue my yoga journey, I’m getting more and more to understand what Linda was trying to give us with her teachings.

Currently I’m teaching Hatha yoga in Singapore at Yoga in Sync and a few other places.

Yoga is life and my lifestyle is always linked to my yoga teaching and practice.