Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training was a wonderful experience that completed my teaching experience. I now put myself in the class as a translator and always keep myself in balance. The teachers of Yoga Pranala Intensive were so wonderful and their generous love made me feel so loved, complete and help me to embrace the strength within me. It was an amazing 22-day experience on my yoga journey. I will always be grateful for this chance. Thank you.

Nyoman Wahuyuni , Indonesia

Namaste!…Since I returned from your teaching course, apart from teaching pranala yoga..with incredible results!!!..We are all very grateful to you!!!..I have been doing therapies…I see/feel the blockages of the nadis…the energy blockages…and we are able to bring to the surface the “trauma/memory” for it to be let go of.using the breathe and of course Divine Love…up until now it’s complete word of mouth…but I keep being asked what it is called…everything seems to have to have a name….anyway I was thinking of calling it Pranala..Undoing the obstacles to The presence of Love….Love and gratitude to you always!!!..Thank You!

Astrid Bennett

This training was an amazing experience not only did I learn a lot about how t be a good teacher to the students with their poses but also with their spirituality. I learned a lot about these experiences and myself, (special experiences), is what will make me a good teacher. Everyone here was so supportive and loving. It was truly a blessing.

Kendra Holgan Canada

Linda Madani is an inspired and inspiring teacher. She is profound, highly connected and very attentive to the well-being of all! And she has a sense of humor! She laughs! I attended all the sessions with eagerness and enthousiasm mainly because of Linda, her «presence», her vast knowledge, her passion, her simplicity and her beautiful heart!I discovered a wonderful universe in that type of yoga, so wonderful that I want to continue exploring it! I would strongly recommend this retreat without hesitation.

Monique Martin Canada

I found the teacher training program to be extremely well organized. The teachers were the best so far I have known.

Heidi Rendall, Switzerland

Not just a teacher training but also an inner journey deep into the soul. That being said, the training was thorough, professional, challenging, and equipping. I feel ready to be an authentic yoga teacher and will carry the memories of the dear souls that I met and shared time with throughout the training. Kudos to the teachers, lovingly and thoughtfully done! My gratitude flows to you.

Audrey Forbes, U.S.A.

I came looking for a yoga teacher training and had a “spiritual blast”. Excellent overall understanding and foundation of yoga as a way of life, beyond asana. Great focus on a general practice

Clara Asuaje, Venezuela

In august this year I decided to go to Bali and do a teachers training with Linda Madani. My Reason for doing the teachers training was initially to learn more about yoga. I went with open heart and open mind and was rewarded with the most amazing and enriching experience. Linda and the other teachers involved in our teachers training put so much effort, love and compassion into this training that I walked away totally believing in myself as a teacher and expanding my awareness in more than yoga. The connections with the other students and the all the teachers was so incredible and I feel there will be a bond unbroken now. A part of my heart will always be with that beautiful group of people and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect to such an amazing experience.

Maria Couanis Perth W.A.

My biggest fear in all my life was to stand up in front of people and teach/present. I always admired others who could do it. The fear was from a childhood trauma and I have now successfully closed that chapter in my life. Thank you.

Eunice Walshe, Australia

I found the teacher training program to be extremely well organized.  The teachers were the best so far I have known.

Heidi Rendall, Switzerland