I love this gift to myself the “spiritual development with Yoga Pranala retreat. As the name states, I truly felt an upliftment, psychic baggage unloaded and a deeper connection to spirit. This gave me great healing and clarity. The ceremony and the spiritual teacher Tjokorda RAi highlighted a transformation week for me. I was humbled before the power of the ceremony and the unique and masterful guidance Linda Madani gives freely and easily with love. Linda steps into the source when teaching. It’s inspirational. It’s healing. It’s spirit moving. I love it.

Kate Nirlipta,Yoga teacher Australia

We all have crossroad in our lives & I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone who is at a crossroad. The retreat helped me connect with my energy again & I’m leaving with a big smile and a lot of confidence. Doing yoga in such a beautiful setting has enabled me to feel a part of that beautiful connected. We have been totally pampered both physically & spiritually. Thank you & the divine Miss Linda.

Suzan Standbridge Australia

The “Healing Power of Yoga” retreat with Linda Madani was very powerful and provided us with tools that we can bring home and use for our own personal healing. Meeting with Linda’s teacher and the final ceremonies were undoubtedly the highlight of this retreat. All the activities (yoga classes, spa treatments, rituals) created the perfect atmosphere for healing. I enjoyed the balance between free time and organized activities. If I were to use one word to describe this retreat, I would use “empowering” I will definitely recommend this type of retreat.

Danielle Genereux Canada

The teacher training was excellent, the caring and guiding teachers made an unforgettable experience for me. I’ve learned in these 22 days a lot about myself With Yoga Pranala Teacher Training, I have become an inspired beginner yoga teacher.

Edit Busa, Austria

This retreat for exceeded my expectations, Serious, thoughtful, caring, competent, experienced guide and perfect location. Gourmet food with care for the individuals concerns and needs. Tranquil surroundings. First class all the way!

Shirley Ann,Canada

Namaste!…Since I returned from your teaching course, apart from teaching pranala yoga..with incredible results!!!..We are all very grateful to you!!!..I have been doing therapies…I see/feel the blockages of the nadis…the energy blockages…and we are able to bring to the surface the “trauma/memory” for it to be let go of.using the breathe and of course Divine Love…up until now it’s complete word of mouth…but I keep being asked what it is called…everything seems to have to have a name….anyway I was thinking of calling it Pranala..Undoing the obstacles to The presence of Love….Love and gratitude to you always!!!..Thank You!

Astrid Bennett

The Yoga Pranala Teacher Training intensive was an amazing and excellent course. The guidance we received was always professional compassionate, and extremely thorough. The Yoga Pranala style was the one that suited me and that I will continue to pursue and study. I highly recommend this course as it does not only prepare a student to be a yoga teacher but also nurtures the student on his or her own spiritual growth.

Subha Maruvada, USA

The healing and spiritual development retreat was a terrific experience. Linda was stalled, positive, supportive and giving. The practice built through the week leaving me feeling quite transformed by the end. Thank you so much.

Sally Roberts Australia

We received so much knowledge and guidance and the teachers were all very loving and caring, which enabled us to feel comfortable and secure. It was an unforgettable, life changing and inspiring experience.

Erica Kelly, England

A most life-changing experience with Linda Madani at the most beautiful setting at Kumara Sakti. Words are hardly enough to express my gratitude for this privilege. Thank you Linda and thanks to all staff at Kumara for their care and attention to the very smallest details.

Evelyn How Singapore