Most Amazing experience! I am so thankful my first teacher training was Yoga Pranala. I am now forever transformed. My whole body is filled with more light and love than ever.

Zuri Walker, USA

An unforgettable time with wonderful people, great teachers, a lot of yoga, surrounded by the beautiful nature and spirit of Bali.

Franziska Sydler Switzerland

I met Linda last year at her studio. I was drawn to Linda’s depth of knowledge and authenticity to her yoga and lifestyle. I knew from the 1st class that I attended that I would enjoy and get a lot out of her teaching. It was all I had hoped for. Thank you. I am so happy that you held space for all of us. I think of this group as wonderful extended family.

Lynn Weiss, U.S.A.

La sincérité du chemin spirituel de Linda et de ses enseignements donnés lors de la formation m’amenée a approfondir et être plus sincère moi-même dans mon propre chemin.

Corine Dussouchet, France

Yoga Pranala has opened my eyes and heart to a beautiful way of life. Learning so much about myself, spirit, and the universe and staying in touch with nature to live a long, happy, healthy life. I would like to thank all the teachers from the bottom of my heart showing me it is possible to open my heart and to be more than happy with who I am. Thank you.

Gaye Smith, Australia

In august this year I decided to go to Bali and do a teachers training with Linda Madani. My Reason for doing the teachers training was initially to learn more about yoga. I went with open heart and open mind and was rewarded with the most amazing and enriching experience. Linda and the other teachers involved in our teachers training put so much effort, love and compassion into this training that I walked away totally believing in myself as a teacher and expanding my awareness in more than yoga. The connections with the other students and the all the teachers was so incredible and I feel there will be a bond unbroken now. A part of my heart will always be with that beautiful group of people and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect to such an amazing experience.

Maria Couanis Perth W.A.

My biggest fear in all my life was to stand up in front of people and teach/present. I always admired others who could do it. The fear was from a childhood trauma and I have now successfully closed that chapter in my life. Thank you.

Eunice Walshe, Australia

We received so much knowledge and guidance and the teachers were all very loving and caring, which enabled us to feel comfortable and secure. It was an unforgettable, life changing and inspiring experience.

Erica Kelly, England

Very interesting and intence experience, great yoga teacher and enthusiastic team, very kind & personal treatments.

Esther van As & Ysabelle Rademakers Netherlands

Perfect Balance, Perfect Harmony. Accessed to new areas for me. Finding a lot of pieces. I have never had a teacher like Linda. An experience I wish not to forget. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and also for taking us to meet your teacher. The rituals at the palace and on the beach: it is hard to describe what I experienced inside

Ulla Zumbuztz Switzerland