Intense, inspiring and heart opening. Worth every minute of it! Thank you.

Katharina Hillmer, Germany

If the thought of going on a different kind of holiday has ever surfaced in your mind, do not put it aside. Follow the inclination and make your way to this worthwhile and empowering yoga pranala retreat programme, which is certain to bring you some new insights, understanding and awareness of oneself and others. All that is required is an open heart, to receive the wonderful teachings and blessings, which shall touch you in one way or another. With a group of loving and inspiring people-the retreat teacher Linda, the hotel staff, the fellow retreat participants; as well as the natural environment and thoughtfully prepared food, this is a retreat programme that leaves you with both renewed energy, as well as practical tools for self-healing and awareness.

Karen Tan Singapore

I feel very honored to have been given this extraordinary opportunity to go deeply within myself to find the real me. I have let go of what didn’t fit me anymore. Yoga Pranala Teacher Training has given me profound depth and more understanding of what yoga is really about. It has helped me to find the courage to go forward with an open heart into my new life as a Yoga Pranala teacher. I am forever grateful. Thank you for this transformation and experience.

Lucile O’Dowd, Fiji

Thank you for creating such a lovely and unique opportunity for my personal journey and first visit to Bali . I am blessed for the chance to come here and take it all in. I am confident that this experience will stay with me a long time, if not forever. I’d like to return and would recommend Kumara and Linda’s retreat to others. Thank you again for opening the doors to me and providing this experience

Amy Somer U.S.A.

The retreat surpassed my expectations. The resort setting is in paradise, constantly stimulating all the services. The food was beautiful. Linda is a soul full of universal knowledge to share in order to guide you at any level, to take your yoga meditation and spiritual connection to another dimension. We are sad to leave but feel blessed by the gifts we have been given!.

Rebecca Magestro Australia

I came looking for a yoga teacher training and had a “spiritual blast”. Excellent overall understanding and foundation of yoga as a way of life, beyond asana. Great focus on a general practice

Clara Asuaje, Venezuela

Brillant, I was a tad cynical however Linda opened my eyes.


This retreat was such an incredible experience. I came in with no expectations and open to what lay ahead. Linda and the staff gave me memories that I will never forgot. The location is absolutely stunning, the food mouthwatering and the staff meticulous with every detail! Linda is so passionate about what she does that I could not help but be inspired by her. She took me through an incredible journey of self healing for which I am so grateful. I will most definitely be back in the future and recommend this retreat to anyone who needs relaxation and self reflection. Thank you!! Namaste!.

Laura Powers Canada

Thank you very much for a wonderful Yoga Retreat. It was awsome. I will be coming back to Bali and hope to meet up with you again at your new Studio. I had a most wonderful experience. I thank you for that. You really do inspire me.

Leanne Mason Australia

Thank for the whole teacher training. Thank you for the love, thank for the knowledge, care and precious moments and thanks to all my friends, my new sisters, thanks for sharing the energy of love. We are whole, perfect and complete. We are beautiful and we are blessed. Namaste

Maya Tampilang, Indonesia