Linda Madani is a very giving person and caring. I learned so much about yogic philosophy and yoga practice and energy experience.

Brenda Hamlet England

This training was an amazing experience not only did I learn a lot about how t be a good teacher to the students with their poses but also with their spirituality. I learned a lot about these experiences and myself, (special experiences), is what will make me a good teacher. Everyone here was so supportive and loving. It was truly a blessing.

Kendra Holgan Canada

I am so grateful to have been on this TT. to make the connection with the girls and our beautiful teachers who worked tirelessly in putting a great teacher training. The food was also good.

2011 Graduate

My biggest fear in all my life was to stand up in front of people and teach/present. I always admired others who could do it. The fear was from a childhood trauma and I have now successfully closed that chapter in my life. Thank you.

Eunice Walshe, Australia

I met Linda last year at her studio. I was drawn to Linda’s depth of knowledge and authenticity to her yoga and lifestyle. I knew from the 1st class that I attended that I would enjoy and get a lot out of her teaching. It was all I had hoped for. Thank you. I am so happy that you held space for all of us. I think of this group as wonderful extended family.

Lynn Weiss, U.S.A.

I would like to thank you for the amazing time and experience during the 200 hours teacher training ended on August 18th, 2017. It was a very special time and wonderful memories. I have learned a lot about yoga and myself, you are a great teacher and a wonderful role model and would love to continue the 300 hours training at Yoga Pranala.

Eman Hussein, July 2017

If the thought of going on a different kind of holiday has ever surfaced in your mind, do not put it aside. Follow the inclination and make your way to this worthwhile and empowering yoga pranala retreat programme, which is certain to bring you some new insights, understanding and awareness of oneself and others. All that is required is an open heart, to receive the wonderful teachings and blessings, which shall touch you in one way or another. With a group of loving and inspiring people-the retreat teacher Linda, the hotel staff, the fellow retreat participants; as well as the natural environment and thoughtfully prepared food, this is a retreat programme that leaves you with both renewed energy, as well as practical tools for self-healing and awareness.

Karen Tan Singapore

The “Healing Power of Yoga” retreat with Linda Madani was very powerful and provided us with tools that we can bring home and use for our own personal healing. Meeting with Linda’s teacher and the final ceremonies were undoubtedly the highlight of this retreat. All the activities (yoga classes, spa treatments, rituals) created the perfect atmosphere for healing. I enjoyed the balance between free time and organized activities. If I were to use one word to describe this retreat, I would use “empowering” I will definitely recommend this type of retreat.

Danielle Genereux Canada

I am very proud to have done this training with Linda Anouk Emil Dr. Remil and Dr. Sujatha. The whole team is very well organized, well prepared. Beautiful ceremonies etc. I already had some knowledge, but I went more in-depth, and I feel better equipped to teach. Very grateful and happy.

Sylvie Bond, Canada, July 2018

Yoga Pranala has opened my eyes and heart to a beautiful way of life. Learning so much about myself, spirit, and the universe and staying in touch with nature to live a long, happy, healthy life. I would like to thank all the teachers from the bottom of my heart showing me it is possible to open my heart and to be more than happy with who I am. Thank you.

Gaye Smith, Australia