Intuitive Flow is the best place for Yoga Teacher Training. Very professional. All the teachers are very competent. You learn what yoga means is. I am so proud to have finished the training with this team who help me to be myself.

Roxanne Demers, Canada , July 2018

I recently participated (18th-24th December, 2011) in a 7 day retreat ‘Healing& Spiritual Development with Yoga Pranala’ with Linda Madani, at the wonderful Ananda Cottages, Ubud. I am really happy to share that this retreat far exceeded my expectations! I have not been a regular yoga practitioner (all that will now change!) and was a little concerned I might struggle with the intensity of the morning & evening excerise, but Linda successfully managed to support us all through individual attention and a wonderfully balanced programme. A particular highlight was the visit to a traditional healer, Cokorda Rai, Linda’s mentor & teacher. This visit was a real revelation for me, and participation in personal & group ceremonies were highly profound, life altering experiences. Thank you Linda, and thank you to all the staff at Kumara who were absolutely brillant!.

S Jerkins Australia

So grateful to have had the opportunity to live this incredible experience. My objective on coming to this teacher training was primarily to deepen my personal yoga practice and to learn on pranayama and meditation. However, after having finished these amazing 22 days, I am so inspired to go out and teach others the healing and energy of yoga. We were so blessed to share this training with amazing people, shared breathtaking, emotions, beautiful venue, delicious food. And last but not least, having the opportunity to have superb teachers thank you so much Linda for all your teachings, your advice, you care for everyone. And what can I say about Anouk, she is a wonderful teacher as well. I go back home with a lot of learning and very inspired by the wonderful teachers we had. (Linda, Anouk,Emil and dr. Remil)

Claudia Jo, Venezuela

My dear teacher Linda,


Already passed 3monts more from the end of the course… still now, my various sensation is continuing from the course.


Also, I feel every my friends, person srround me is much more lovely now more than before, and feel much deeply love from them to me,.. and rearized again how deep experience and transformation of the course was..


had some chances to teach to the private Yoga class at private villa. Honestly it was not perfect, because of my nurvousness, but i was so happy to share the yoga class with people and to see them happy after the class. I am deeply appliciated to you to give me the lightness for yoga.


i also become pregnant…I am really happy and thinking that happened because the healthy and wealthy period for phisically and mentaly during the course…so I would like to say from bottom my heart thank you so much for your enlightment guidance.


keep in touch, I will go to your class in near future:)




The “Healing Power of Yoga” retreat with Linda Madani was very powerful and provided us with tools that we can bring home and use for our own personal healing. Meeting with Linda’s teacher and the final ceremonies were undoubtedly the highlight of this retreat. All the activities (yoga classes, spa treatments, rituals) created the perfect atmosphere for healing. I enjoyed the balance between free time and organized activities. If I were to use one word to describe this retreat, I would use “empowering” I will definitely recommend this type of retreat.

Danielle Genereux Canada

This was the first time I ever went so deep to be able to actually feel release of sadness and pain from resentments, past traumas, bad memories and all that was holding me back from happiness. I forgave all those who hurt me and asked for forgiveness from those I have hurt. I could feel smile coming from the inside. I experienced myself healing through the yoga mudras, yoga nidra and asana. I experienced the healing power of yoga. It is real from me now. Thank you for the bottom of my heart

Debbie Winsky U.S.A.

Namaste!…Since I returned from your teaching course, apart from teaching pranala yoga..with incredible results!!!..We are all very grateful to you!!!..I have been doing therapies…I see/feel the blockages of the nadis…the energy blockages…and we are able to bring to the surface the “trauma/memory” for it to be let go of.using the breathe and of course Divine Love…up until now it’s complete word of mouth…but I keep being asked what it is called…everything seems to have to have a name….anyway I was thinking of calling it Pranala..Undoing the obstacles to The presence of Love….Love and gratitude to you always!!!..Thank You!

Astrid Bennett

I am glad that I did a teacher training with Linda. It is very special, and you learn many tools to become an excellent yoga teacher. The whole training is a transformational journey. I am very grateful.

Vreni Meinl Austria, July 2018

Thanks I love teaching and sharing what you taught me. I’m forever grateful for your hard work and dedication. I sing the mantras on my scooter as I ride to my work partner’s house at 5,30 each morning. It’s so relaxing. Complete, professional and nurturing. The experience has been above and beyond my expectations. A true journey for the soul back to oneself.

Leon Reece, Australia

I am grateful to have completed my yoga teacher training with Intuitive Flow. The daily program was rich in culture, knowledge and ceremony. The setting is a true Bali experience. Thank you so much Linda, Anouk, Emil, Dr Remil and all the staff at Intuitive Flow.

Libby Mc Queen, Australia