This TT opened a big door, loving beautiful and vehicle word to my yoga path and I am able and confident to share that with others, to teach! I feel bliss and blessed to have participated to this TT with these amazing teachers. So grateful and I also discovered my own inner existence, knowledge, which means all to me. Thank you the universe, thank you teachers, thank you the group, thank you Bali. Namaste.

Sara Amini, Germany

The Yoga Pranala Teacher Training intensive was an amazing and excellent course. The guidance we received was always professional compassionate, and extremely thorough. The Yoga Pranala style was the one that suited me and that I will continue to pursue and study. I highly recommend this course as it does not only prepare a student to be a yoga teacher but also nurtures the student on his or her own spiritual growth.

Subha Maruvada, USA

Powerful, personal healing week with the privilege of meeting and being checked by Tjokorda Rai. Linda style is gentle, fluid and very loving. I learned much about posture and meditation and would recommend this retreat. With much gratitude and love.

Cathy Baker England

I join Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training to learn to be a teacher but more so to explore my own possibilities and to deepen my own practice. Although these intentions were met, I experienced a much more meaningful personal journey. I got my heart back. I found my emotions… I found my joy. I am ready now to take a leap forward in my life’s journey. I will forever be grateful.

Trudy Mckenzie, Canada

Along with a deepening of my knowledge of yoga, mediation and ayurveda, I was taken on a Balinese Spiritual experience that was far more profound than I could have hoped for.

Jenni Bolton, England

I found the teacher training program to be extremely well organized. The teachers were the best so far I have known.

Heidi Rendall, Switzerland

Thank you with all of my being for holding such a beautiful space for this transformational process for me. I never imagined the peace of mind, the life sustaining and the inspiration that this experience has provided me at this particular time in my life. I had much confusion about life, I feel as though I can move forward now with clarity, confidence, courage and peace. Much Love Linda!

S. Tomkins Canada

Perfect Balance, Perfect Harmony. Accessed to new areas for me. Finding a lot of pieces. I have never had a teacher like Linda. An experience I wish not to forget. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and also for taking us to meet your teacher. The rituals at the palace and on the beach: it is hard to describe what I experienced inside

Ulla Zumbuztz Switzerland

Brillant, I was a tad cynical however Linda opened my eyes.


Thank you very much for a wonderful Yoga Retreat. It was awsome. I will be coming back to Bali and hope to meet up with you again at your new Studio. I had a most wonderful experience. I thank you for that. You really do inspire me.

Leanne Mason Australia