I am so grateful to have been on this TT. to make the connection with the girls and our beautiful teachers who worked tirelessly in putting a great teacher training. The food was also good.

2011 Graduate

Transformational experience with loving, warm, supportive teachers.

Hannah Wright, Australia

Making the choice to do Linda Madani’s Pranala Intensive Yoga Teacher Training (when there are so many TT’s to choose from!) was the best decision I think I could have made. There were so many elements to this training – including immersion in the peace-loving Balinese spirituality and culture. Every minute was filled with learning experiences: asana, pranayama, Ayurveda healing, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, chanting, dancing, mandala-making….. All of it expansive, on every level: mind, body, emotion and spirit. Linda has the wisdom and experience of a true healer and yogi. The highly professional caliber of this training, and her teaching – as well as that of the other teachers, were true gifts. Challenging at times, this training was transformational in the deepest sense of the word. Worth every effort to get to Bali, and more…

Linda George

In august this year I decided to go to Bali and do a teachers training with Linda Madani. My Reason for doing the teachers training was initially to learn more about yoga. I went with open heart and open mind and was rewarded with the most amazing and enriching experience. Linda and the other teachers involved in our teachers training put so much effort, love and compassion into this training that I walked away totally believing in myself as a teacher and expanding my awareness in more than yoga. The connections with the other students and the all the teachers was so incredible and I feel there will be a bond unbroken now. A part of my heart will always be with that beautiful group of people and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect to such an amazing experience.

Maria Couanis Perth W.A.

Transformational experience with loving, warm, supportive teachers.

Hannah Wright, Australia

I join Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training to learn to be a teacher but more so to explore my own possibilities and to deepen my own practice. Although these intentions were met, I experienced a much more meaningful personal journey. I got my heart back. I found my emotions… I found my joy. I am ready now to take a leap forward in my life’s journey. I will forever be grateful.

Trudy Mckenzie, Canada

Powerful, personal healing week with the privilege of meeting and being checked by Tjokorda Rai. Linda style is gentle, fluid and very loving. I learned much about posture and meditation and would recommend this retreat. With much gratitude and love.

Cathy Baker England

Along with a deepening of my knowledge of yoga, mediation and ayurveda, I was taken on a Balinese Spiritual experience that was far more profound than I could have hoped for.

Jenni Bolton, England

Very interesting and intence experience, great yoga teacher and enthusiastic team, very kind & personal treatments.

Esther van As & Ysabelle Rademakers Netherlands

Not just a teacher training but also an inner journey deep into the soul. That being said, the training was thorough, professional, challenging, and equipping. I feel ready to be an authentic yoga teacher and will carry the memories of the dear souls that I met and shared time with throughout the training. Kudos to the teachers, lovingly and thoughtfully done! My gratitude flows to you.

Audrey Forbes, U.S.A.