This TT went beyond the expectations it was a truly transformative journey that helped me to reconnect with the true self. It gave me the energy and confidence to move forward on my spiritual path and let go what does not belong to me anymore.

Silvia Facchinello, Italy

I am grateful to have completed my yoga teacher training with Intuitive Flow. The daily program was rich in culture, knowledge and ceremony. The setting is a true Bali experience. Thank you so much Linda, Anouk, Emil, Dr Remil and all the staff at Intuitive Flow.

Libby Mc Queen, Australia

I feel very honored to have been given this extraordinary opportunity to go deeply within myself to find the real me. I have let go of what didn’t fit me anymore. Yoga Pranala Teacher Training has given me profound depth and more understanding of what yoga is really about. It has helped me to find the courage to go forward with an open heart into my new life as a Yoga Pranala teacher. I am forever grateful. Thank you for this transformation and experience.

Lucile O’Dowd, Fiji

I came looking for a yoga teacher training and had a “spiritual blast”. Excellent overall understanding and foundation of yoga as a way of life, beyond asana. Great focus on a general practice

Clara Asuaje, Venezuela

I was brought to Bali to go on a journey I did not even know I needed. I cam to learn about teaching yoga, what I got along the way was inner healing and light from which my yoga teaching will flow. I have grounded a new corner of my path and I can see and feel clearly that I’m moving in the right direction. I have found my inner life mantra. Thank you

Erin Majesty-Aronson South Africa

Linda, I’d like to express my deep gratitude for the amazing journey you took us on during our retreat, you have created a wonderful fusion of practices. Your complete approach to yoga plus the Balinese energy teachings were a perfect combination for me and dove-tailed beautifully with my existing energy / yoga practice. In fact, I appreciated and felt everything more deeply because of the energy already flowing in me although I know that others coming to the practices for the first time were also transformed. I have incorporated the mudras into my daily practice and feel inspired to take my yoga practice onto the next level too. Thank you also for introducing us to your teacher, Tjokorda Rai. I will never forget meeting him and the healing session I had, not to mention the final ceremony which will remain equally etched in my mind and heart as one of the most significant experiences of my life!.

Julia McCutchen UK

Transformational experience with loving, warm, supportive teachers.

Hannah Wright, Australia

I came to this training with no expectations.  I leave this TT transformed, with lifelong friends and more confident to continue my journey towards freedom.  If I can help a handful of people along the way only time will tell. In this course, I have learned to trust this universe.


Grazziella Guerra, March 2018

We received so much knowledge and guidance and the teachers were all very loving and caring, which enabled us to feel comfortable and secure. It was an unforgettable, life changing and inspiring experience.

Erica Kelly, England

The Yoga Pranala Teacher Training intensive was an amazing and excellent course. The guidance we received was always professional compassionate, and extremely thorough. The Yoga Pranala style was the one that suited me and that I will continue to pursue and study. I highly recommend this course as it does not only prepare a student to be a yoga teacher but also nurtures the student on his or her own spiritual growth.

Subha Maruvada, USA