A yoga retreat means more than you think

A yoga retreat means more than you think

Yoga means many things to different people.  Especially for me, it represents the ongoing journey of discovery of the Self.

I started my daily yoga practice many years ago.  I soon discovered the benefits of a daily practice, the harmony and balance of a yogic lifestyle.

I understand that not everybody can afford the time to practice yoga daily, and attending classes a few times per week seems more realistic and achievable.

For these reasons, I think a yoga retreat could mean more to you than you think at this moment.

Adopting a yoga practice can change your life in just a few days.  Let me share with you the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’.



At the beginning of the retreat, the first effect you will feel at the physical, mental and emotional levels will be the purification process.

I like to integrate purification rituals into the retreats I lead to help to balance the energy of the body and mind.

Purification rituals with water, fire, sounds (mantra), are an important part of a retreat.  We purify ourselves and cleanse all the energies we’re holding that have been brought by stress, worries, an unbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle.



During this getaway from your routine, we will focus on just a few simple things like:

–    Conscious breathing  (Pranayama)

–    Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

–    Posture  (Asana) Hatha and Vinyasa

–    Meditation (Dhyana)

I will help you achieve mindfulness, which is focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment. Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life and have a deep connection with your essence.



These days we are so busy all the time; things move so fast around us that we never have the time to filter and integrate what is happening to us, what is going on in our lives and consider our direction.

Slowing down for a while gives you time to reconnect with your emotions, reflect and reevaluate your path and your purpose in life.

A retreat is the best moment to clear your mind and reset your energy.


Spiritual growth

Spiritual growth is the goal of every human being, and everybody is trying his or her best to achieve it.

My guidance and the ambiance of the yoga retreat will help you step forward on the path of spiritual growth.

As this is an internal process, introspection and awareness are essential for your spiritual development.

Sometimes it takes only a moment of deep awareness to overcome years of suffering, by shifting your perception of life and events.


A new beginning

I’ve been organizing retreats since 2007, and hundreds of people have joined me on these journeys in Bali and India.

Some of these people were searching for answers; some were seeking healing, others only needed a break before a new start.

A retreat can be a meaningful time when you transform your life by putting aside your problems and worries, and immersing yourself in your being, reconnecting to your inner source of power.

Regaining your strength could help you find your voice.  Reconnecting with your inner power opens the path to do new things, take important decisions and set yourself on a new course in life.

You can read more about my upcoming retreat in Ubud from October on the website page of this retreat here.



Linda Madani