Nalanda School

A space for study, retreat and practice

We have exciting news for all those who know us and enjoy the classes and for those who are visiting this website for the first time.

A new school is going to open soon, and the name of it is Nālandā.

Nalanda means ‘giver of knowledge’ and was a once, a thriving monastic University in the ancient kingdom of Magadha (modern-day Bihar) in India, and is considered one of the first great universities in recorded history.


Nalanda  is a retreat space dedicated especially to the in-depth study and practice of the Sacred Arts of Yoga, Music and Bhakti. It is a sister studio of the established and well-known Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio in Ubud, established by Linda Madani.


The place boasts a lush garden with temple sights, high-ceiling wooden-floored consecrated studio space with wood carved details, a jungle view and river access.


The new school will be located in Ubud, near Intuitive Flow and as per the meaning of its name, it will be a space for study, retreat and practice.


The venue will host the events of spiritual facilitators from all over the world who are looking for beautiful place for their events and will be available for those who resonate with our values of yoga, spiritual development and authentic teachings.


Intuitive Flow will continue to have the same activities, and at Nālandā, you will have a more intimate space for private classes, retreats, workshops.

Most probably Nālandā will be ready to open its gates at the beginning of 2019!
We will announce the opening, and you can always contact us for more details and any other inquiries about the space and availabilities.

Thank you for visiting this page!

This is the calendar with the events scheduled at Nalanda in 2019.

Don’t forget Nalanda will open in January and you are welcome to join these events or book the space for your yoga events.

Feel free to contact us!


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