Ancora imparo: I am still learning

Ancora imparo: I am still learning

Michelangelo wrote at the mature age of 87:  I am still learning

I am currently in India studying Vedic chants.  I love being a student and I thrive at learning new knowledge. I get excited and enjoy the novelty.

Of course sometimes learning something new makes one feel uncertain about whether one has the ability to master the new skill. The trick is to accept being perfectly imperfect and remind ourselves how each achievement we have accomplished until now took place at its own rate.

I find inspiration in Patanjali yoga sutra I 20:

“Practice must be pursued with trust, confidence, vigour, keen memory and power of absorption to break this spiritual complacency.”

In the following commentary Desikashar explains:

“Through faith, which will give sufficient energy to achieve success against all odds, direction will be maintained. This realization of the goal of yoga is a matter of time.

Faith is the unshakeable conviction that we can arrive at goal. We must not be complacent about success or discouraged by failure. We must work hard and steadily in spite of all distractions.”

Yoga is an inner landscape that continuously evolves. The more we know about yoga, the more we know we need to learn.

Always be prepared to learn new things, empower yourself and don’t resist change.