Yoga Pranala I

In this audio CD you get will be guided by Linda Madani in Gentle yoga practice.The practice is 1h20 minutes and includes a meditation, an asana and a yoga nidra practice.


Original Music by Gary Roba. Gary Roba has played the flute since childhood. He is a graduate of the new Eng- land conservatory of music in the United States, and was a Fulbright scholar for music to India in 1992-3. Gary is better known in the field of craniofacial work, in which he has a growing international practice.


Yoga Pranala 1 cd e-booklet download


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Yoga Nidra with Linda Madani

This audio CD contains three (3) deep relaxation guided by Linda Madani.


Yoga nidra is a tantric practice that takes you to the inner corridors of your mind. It is neither sleeping nor concentration. In yoga nidra, you step down into the internal dimension of your consciousness. Forget your worries and empty your mind. Allow yourself to attain a different level of consciousness. You will come out of yoga nidra spiritually, mentally, and emotionally relaxed and energized.


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Tantric Meditations Vol 1

The audio CD is a perfect introduction to tantric meditations. In this audio CD, Linda Madani guides through three beginner?s ancient?tantric meditation?techniques.


  • Ajapa Meditation
  • Spinal Channel Meditation
  • Chakra Shuddhi Meditation


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Tantric Meditations Vol 2

Linda Madani guides through four different ancient?tantric meditation?techniques. It is recommended to have practiced Vol. 1, before practicing Vol. 2.


  • Mooladhara Cave Meditation
  • Heart Center Meditation
  • Three Caves Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation


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