Soothing, therapeutic & transformational powers of Music

Soothing, therapeutic & transformational powers of Music

Music can elevate our vibration very quickly and transport us beyond time and space.

At our new sister-school Nalanda in Ubud, Bali, we want to bring more and more spiritual events and spiritual music. Some of the best teachers are coming to us this year.

One of them is Sudhanshu Sharma, who is coming in with a unique retreat based upon the soothing, therapeutic and transformational powers of Music – through the traditional methods of Indian Classical Music – MUSIC+ BHAKTI

A recipient of the prestigious Tushar Pandit Memorial Gold Medal and Smt. V. Bani  Bai Ram Memorial Medal in Music, he is an internationally respected Guru as well with students all across the globe. He has many musical retreats, Lecture-Demonstrations and Music Talks to his credit.

He firmly believes that Art should have a more significant purpose of bringing hearts together and fostering better human relationships full of Peace and Love – both external and internal.

The dates of his retreat in Nālandā are – 4th May to 11th May 2019. Registrations have begun in full swing for the limited spots available.

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Reading about his achievements wasn’t enough, so we wanted to hear more about his story, how he began his path and what is his inspiration.

Bellow is a short interview with him.


How did you discover your passion and talent, who inspired you to become a musician?

The talent and passion was in-born because there was Music in the family. My Grandfather played the Pakhawaj and Tabla(Indian Drums) and used his music for devotion and Bhakti in the Indian Temples. I had the natural talent to imitate any musical phrase instantly and with ease. This was noticed by the Music teacher who used to come home to teach my elder sister. I was initiated into music at an age of 11years and since then, there was no looking back.


What can people expect to learn during this retreat?

Well, they can expect to SING their hearts out!

Our voice has the ability to become a strong tool for our manifestation and our salvation. Rāgas (melodic entities of Indian Music) and Mantras have the power to titillate your senses as well as heal you from within. People learn the techniques required to enhance their vocal skills and get a sneak peek into what Indian Classical Music is all about and how it can be a life changing experience.


How do spirituality and Indian music go together for you?

Spiritualism and Indian Classical Music are two sides of the same coin. They were never separated and came in as a combo pack. If spirituality is your path, you ought to have some Music in your life – Mantras, Bhajans, Folk Music, anything, and if Music is what you are seeking for, you cannot realize its full potential and be ‘connected’ without devoting your attention to spirituality. In India, the Vedas are a clear example of how Spirituality and Music has come hand-in-hand. Both of them compliment each other very well.


What makes music an excellent tool for self-discovery?

We have to go a step back and see Music as ‘Healing and soothing Sound’

Before its incarnation, the Soul is Sound. The Hindus call it ‘Nād Brahma’ and the Sufis call it ‘Swāt-e-Sarmad’ – the sound that intoxicates Man. This provides us with an evidence enough to establish the fact that Music connects us to our Souls. It acts as the bridge between our outer self and our inner self. Our inner self is a beautiful one just by default because it remains connected to the Supreme(The Brahma)

Our outer self gets moulded by our upbringing, our lifestyle, social influences and all other worldly affairs. Music helps us elevate ourselves from the myriad levels of everyday existence and go up to the Heavenly levels of eternal bliss and soul-connection. Thus we get to discover our true and beautiful self.


What kind of music shall we expect to study during the retreat? What are the specific benefits?

We will Study Indian Classical Music – the celestial music coming down since the Vedic times in India, which is more than 3000 years old. We will dive deep into the sounds, ways and methods of this Music and create inroads into understanding the voice that we have thereby paving ways for its upliftment and refinement to be able to sing more effectively and be connected throughout the whole process.

The specific benefits are:

  • Supplement your Yoga practices with the Ancient Indian metaphysical system of Nāda Yoga – The Yoga of Sound
  • Channelize your breath the right way, thus helping you cope with stress and anxiety
  • Blissfully blend the therapeutic sounds inherent in Indian Classical music into your day-to-day lives
  • Be technically sound and soulfully connected with the musical notes
  • Know and learn about Rāga – the essence of Indian Classical Music
  • Learn a Rāga, a Mantra or Kīrtan
  • Find the balance between mind, body and soul through Yoga and Meditation practices
  • Discover and re-discover your voice and ‘yourself’


You can read more about this upcoming Music + Bhakti retreat in Bali on his website and send your inquiries there as well.

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