I am not Intuitive Flow

I am not Intuitive Flow

I am consciousness

I am consciousness
I am not my body, my sexuality, my money, my profession, my material possessions, my social status, my emotions, my relationships, my thoughts, my intellect, my mind, etc.” I am consciousness. I am a unity of spirit; I am a unity of light.”

I have you noticed that when you put something out in the universe, it gets back to you.  It always happens to me.

If you come to my yoga classes you know that the focus of my studies is inner exploration.  One of my sources of inspiration is Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, in which he advises us to use “inner body awareness” to feel our connection to the non-physical world.

I have learned through my studies that if my consciousness is strictly focused on the outer world the energy that I will manifest will be conditioned by human experiences but if my consciousness is principally spiritual, it is the spirit of God that will manifest in my life. I know that the agenda of the universe/God is not always mine and that I have no choice but submit to the divine plane.

In my personal practice I use yogic and tantric techniques to explore my inner world and my attachment to the material world, which as I understand is tight to my senses.  I strongly believe that we only can move beyond our 5-sense mind after we have relinquished our attachment to our material body and emotions.

My goal is to have the awareness that my true identity is my connection with the source of creation and to experience oneness. The yogic texts teach us to be aware of our real nature; our higher self.   Our identity is not our body, not our emotions, not our mind nor it is our name.  We are pure consciousness.  Everything else is transitory and illusory.

The last couple months before my holiday a young man came to my yoga studio over and over again, attending many classes, etc.  He loved being at the sanctuary and often hung out there, spending time alone in the studio.

One day to my surprise he asked if he could use the name Intuitive flow for his own business.  I was taken aback but I told him that I didn’t own the name.  I felt it was disrespectful but you cannot force someone to respect you.  You can only inspire respect.  I could only hope that he would change his mind.

By the time I got back he had already a website, business cards, logos and a full-blown marketing plan in motion for his own Intuitive-Flow Center.  I was disappointed but was prepared to accept. I reminded my self that I wasn’t Intuitive Flow.  Just before he went back to his own country, I was told, he had placarded on his driver’s car with a big poster of his Intuitive-Flow logo as if the universe wanted to really check if I really didn’t care but by that time I had totally accepted the situation. I know that Intuitive Flow, Sanctuary for yoga and healing is not who I am.

Luckily, the spirit of God touched the heart of the young man and in the end, out of the blue, he wrote to me and told me he decided to use another name.  He said he had decided to change his mind out of respect for me.

The moral of this story is not that because I surrendered, he changed his mind.  He could possibly have never changed his mind.  The moral of this story is that if he had not, it would have been all right because I am not Intuitive Flow.  I am more than that.  I wasn’t happy about this situation to be honest with you but I knew that it was just a name and it didn’t matter.  I am glad that he changed his mind because it showed me that the teachings of yoga had worked. I bet there was a whisper in his heart that was getting bigger and bigger.  In the end, he listens to his heart and I know that for him that is big.  He was touched by the grace of yoga. In the end we both learn something from this experience.

In peace and light,

Linda Madani


We have opened new classes at Intuitive Flow.  Made Sumantra has left us as he is too busy.  Sajaj will be taking over his class Monday evening class and will teach a new class on Friday evening

New classes Hatha Yoga with Sahaj Yogi.  Monday and Friday from 17:30 – 19:00.

We are very pleased to have him teach at the Sanctuary.

About Sahaj

Sahaj applies many yoga techniques from many teachers and masters from different styles and traditions. His motivation is to help the student optimize their vitality and to reconnect with their source of relaxation and spiritual inspiration by establishing a daily practice. He started his spiritual journey 26 years ago after a spontaneous awakening experience. He taught for many years in Byron Bay, Australia and is now teaching in Asia and Europe.

Sahaj’s main Hatha yoga teacher was Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. He traveled to India over a period of 8 years to study ashtanga yoga with him from the mid nineties. Other important teachers he has directly learned from include: T.K.V. Desikachar, Chennai, India son of the great yoga master Krishnamacharya . Lama Zopa Renpoche, Vajrayana Buddhist master Nepal and India. S.N Goenka, Vipassana Meditation master.  Zen Master Hogen, Japanese Zen meditation. Dr. Vagesh Shashtri, Varanasi India, sanskrit/tantra and kundalini yoga master.  Santiago Dobles, qi gong, kundalini and Tibetan Bon Po shamanic techniques, and many others who have given their precious knowledge including recently the Balinese Priestess Maha Rsi Alit who is guiding him in the Tantric Yoga of Avadhuta Mukti