It’s not just Music, It’s spirituality!

It’s not just Music, It’s spirituality!

Adam S.Callejon is a musician, yogi and poet,  who studied Classical Singing of North India (Dhrupad style) with Yvan Trunzler (Dagar Vani) and plays the Esraj (a string instrument close to the sitar and sarangi).

His practice and learning of Indian music are currently guided by Pandit Barunkumar Pal, a distinguished and recognized musician from India.

Thanks to the pure beauty of his texts and the harmony that emerges from his music, Adam draws everyone into a world of his own: poetry.

Exploring forgotten paths, Adam’s musical research highlights the harmonizing virtues of music and its links with our interiority. This is how Vocal Yoga Workshops started in 2004. Guitarist, bassist and singer, his interest in Indian philosophy and music influence his current research and musical compositions.

Inspired by his amazing talent, his capacity to compose mesmerizing songs, we’ve set down for a little talk to find out how he developed his ability and maybe inspired other men and women to go on this path of spiritual music.


Dear Adam, you are such a talented artist, how did you discover your musical talent and how did you pursue it?

It came naturally to me, it was there since my childhood, and I’ve discovered it by chance when a friend of mine came home with an instrument, and it was like “love at first sight.”

There was a reason why this music was there and why it made me feel so happy.

I have been looking for the logical reason for this happiness for a long time, but I was looking at the surface of things and one day I’ve discovered it to come from inside of me


How do music and yoga go together in your life?

I’ve practiced yoga and different branches of yoga, and there is a lot of intensity, and I when I came across this Indian music, I’ve immediately fallen in love with this music, and I could see the link between this music and yoga, for me they go very well together. As a spiritual path

For me, my sadhana ( yoga practice) is this Music.

Everything is connected in the Voice Yoga, the music, the scriptures, the yogic practice it aims at returning to our essence, which is Vibration.

In India, it is considered that everything starts in the Universe with the primordial Sound and this Gandarva music it is totally related to this concept of Primordial Sound of Creation, our source of light, the generator of the Universe.

This music comes from the primordial sound, so it has a very deep spiritual value and can be considered a spiritual practice.

It is a complex and comprehensive science, the Science of Vibration that includes mantras (sacred words), everything that is related to sound, and that is what we share in our trainings, workshops, classes.

We teach people how to reconnect to this essence by Sound be it vocal, instrumental.


Adam will be with us in Bali on September 14-28 at Nalanda, for the 100 Hour Voice Yoga Teacher Training and together with partner Nathalie and Linda Madani, they will be teaching about Voice yoga.

This training is Yoga Alliance accredited and an excellent opportunity to study with a leading expert in the Voice yoga world.

You can read more about it here, you can also book your spot on the website page, click here.