Mastering our Fear and Choosing Love

Mastering our Fear and Choosing Love

We are being asked as a collective community to pause. Time has altered, routines have changed. Our constant need to be somewhere out there is now limited to the boundaries of our house.

In this time where we mostly withdraw from the external ventures, we are somehow forced to see our lives, our jobs, our relationships, and ourselves without any distractions from our “usual” hustle-bustle. 

For in the bright light of these revelation-times, we may start to come face to face with deep fears, our hidden scars and the ancestral wounds we carry. Some people may also experience drastic changes in their financial circumstances and, therefore, are now living in distress. All of which triggers a fight-or-flight response, anxiety and excessive stress that consume our way of being and influence the decisions and actions we take. 

When we’re in fight or flight mode, our limbic system takes over us. We lose contact with our Prefrontal cortex, the most recently evolved part of our brain. This has to do with executive functioning and making rational decisions. We see a manifestation of this, collectively, in the greed and hoarding of medical and food supplies. And it is strangling our own lives, creating division in our relationships with others and some worse cases, putting our frontline doctors and nurses in danger.

So how can we move past our fears and embrace invaluable lessons
hiding beneath this global catastrophe? 

The yogis see fear as one of life’s greatest teachers.

More than ever, we are now being asked to pause radically, take a deep breath and dive into the essence and application of ancient yoga principles.

Yoga is a way of living your life that goes far beyond breathing exercises and postures taught in many yoga studios nowadays. Once we embrace the essence, it will remain with us every moment of our life, until death and even beyond. 

“The mastery of our mind arises by cultivating a quiet and focused mind.”

Here are the Patanjali’s eight limbs – guidance that will assist us to travel further beyond the mental chatter that creates fear and ultimately raise our vibration.

  • Yama (social discipline) – when people are looking. Our vows to the world. 
  • Niyama (observances) – when people are not looking. Principles about oneself or toward external
  • Asana (yoga postures) – As a dedicated student of yoga, we are being called to ground and establish a firm foundation through the practice of asana. 
  • Pranayama (breath control) – Our breath is often the most helpful home base for coming out of our circling worry thoughts and back into our senses. 
  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) – Coming back to the senses in our body helps us come back to the present moment. So that we have time to reflect and choose how to respond to fear stimulus.
  • Dharana (concentration). Mental focus on an object through visualisation
  • Dhyana (meditation) – Meditation on the Divine
  • Samadhi (absorption) –  The merging and union with the Divine

? Choosing Love over Fear ?

Now is the time to incorporate all the yoga practice we have cultivated over the years to transcend over our fear – in the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty we all are facing. 

We hope that you can feel our collectivity and solidarity — that we are here to help each other move through this. 

Because the truth is, each one of us can help. We have a unique gift to offer each other just by who we are.

We hope that you also can be open to the invitation:

“To travel further beyond the mental chatter that creates fear. Appreciating this isolation time as an opportunity for reflection and remembrance of who we truly are.”

It is the time to shift focus to the path to fulfilment, the inner path that leads us home to our true heart, from where the energy of Love emanates. 

Wherever you are – we send you blessing, love and light,

?Linda and Intuitive Flow family ?