New Year, New Era: Time to live your highest truth

New Year, New Era: Time to live your highest truth

We just experienced The Great Conjunction constellation and Winter Solstice – which represent a reset, a transition to a new era, and a time to shift our way of viewing the world. 

The new year of 2021 – is a renewed opportunity to align ourselves with our divine purpose and be the person we are meant to be.  

To begin a new era (and a new year!) – it is essential to revisit our core values as it forms the base of our true north. As without a firm foundation, it is challenging to attain Samyama (Dhra廜 – mental focus, Dhyna – merging and Samadhi – a higher level of consciousness) 

I always refer back to the ancient yogic text and philosophy, like Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. 

For instance, Yama and Niyama guide our way of relating to our internal and external world. We revisit the Yama and Niyama as a way to reflect our relationship with our inner and outer world..

Yam: a social discipline based on how we relate with our external world and how we treat others around us.

Here are some self-inquiry pointers:

Ahi廜s is non-violence to ourselves others, whether with our words, thoughts, or actions.  

  • Do you have any violence within you?
  • What is your inner dialogue? 
  • How do you treat your body? The choice of your food intake? Rests?  
  • How do you react when someone disagrees with your view,  verbally or even virtually?
  • How do you treat people?
  • How do you defend your boundaries? 
  • Do you fight for your belief?

Satyam: truthfulness with thoughts, words and actions. 

  • Do you live with integrity?
  • Do you walk your talk?
  • Do you make white lies to be polite?
  • Are you honest with yourself? 

Asteya: non-stealing, object, space, or time, whether it is only in our thoughts or physical level. 

  • Are you punctual with time? Are you often late? 
  • Do you think that taking from the rich for the poor?  
  • How far do you go when you barter with other people?
  • Do you rush to take the best seat, best place?
  • Are you too consumed in others drama and life, and therefore stealing the opportunity to fulfil your own purpose (Dharma)?

Brahmacarya: dwelling in Brahman (Divine)

  • What is your relationship with your sexuality? 
  • Do you use your life force wisely?  
  • Is your sexuality healthy?
  • Does your sexuality raise your vibration or deplete you? 
  • Does the Divine have a part in your sexuality, or is it merely sensual?
  • Does your sexuality include love, or is it strictly physical? 

Aparigrah廎: non-possessiveness (grasping).  

  • Are you hoarding? 
  • Do you accumulate possessions that are non-necessary for the fulfillment of dharma? 
  • Do you accumulate products when you are stressed?
  • Is there an area of your life that your hoarding? Shoes, crystals, etc. 

Niyam: personal conduct – Principles in relation to oneself 

auca: cleanliness, purity in (external) your environment and body and  (internal) mind. 

  • Do you keep your environment clean?
  • Do you do sadhana to purify your body?
  • Do you do any purification practice for the heart and thoughts? 

Santo廜ζ: contentment with what you have and who you are. 

  • Do you accept all situations with grace?
  • Are you satisfied with your life?
  • Do you think you need more possession, more money, more success to be content? 
  • Are you content with what is?

Tapas: austerity, endurance, discipline

  • Are you a disciplined person by nature?  
  • Are you willing to make the sacrifice to reach your spiritual goal?
  • Do you eat in moderation wholesome food?
  • Do you have a healthful lifestyle? 

Svdhyya: Self-inquiry, Self-study to understand our dharma and stay true to our dharma. 

  • Do you observe yourself, or are you disconnected from yourself?
  • Do you know who you are?
  • Are you fulfilling your dharma?
  • Do you study Sacred Scriptures?
  • Do you practice Mantra Japa?

蘆vara pra廜idhnni: surrender to a higher power. Surrender our ego. 

  • Are you able to let go of control?
  • Do you find it difficult to accept the things you cannot change?
  • Can you shift from doing to being?

I hope that the above self-inquiry pointers help in navigating your transformation journey.

On a deeper level, the Great Conjunction and the New Year of 2021 represents a reset, a transition to a new era, and a time where we shift our way of viewing the world. It is the opportunity to align ourselves with our divine purpose and be the person we long for.

Wishing you a powerful, transformative and blissful journey into the new year and new era!

With love,
Linda and Nalanda/Intuitive Flow Family