News from Goa

News from Goa

Hello Everyone,

I am currently in India and will be back on Bali on the 27 of January. Eka and Sky are covering for me. Just before leaving for India, I have tried to integrate a blog on my website and in the process I have encountered some technical challenges:  Hence the delay in posting this newsletter.

Still…  may I wish you a belated Happy New Year!

Many news things will happen in 2011.

I will be leading my first teacher training my friend Savitri. Yoga Pranala Intensive from August 18 – September 9, 2011 Check the following link if you want to know more:

Also during the year 2011, I will lead two retreats one from April 24 – 30, 2011 and one from December 18 – 24 2011 if you want to know more please click the following link:

Notice that there is a new tab on the top menu called boutique.  I am happy to announce that you may purchase one-line my Yoga Pranala I and Yoga Nidra cds.  I also have two new cds of Tantric Meditations Vol 1 and 2.  For more information please click the following link.

Enough of announcements.  Here is the topic of this newsletter:

“You have the architect, which is God/Universe; the contractor, which is your mind; the material, which is body.”

Tjokorda Gede Rai, Balinese Shaman

When I was a kid, my grandmother, who lived up to the age of 107, used to tell me: “You will not live as old as me if you keep worrying like this”.  I was too young to understand her, but it imprinted deeply in my psyche.

My grandmother didn’t waist her time worrying about things.  If things were out of control in her life she would go to church and pray.  She had 9 children and she wasn’t willing to allow life to overwhelm her.  She would always say: “things would work out somehow”.  When she turned 100, the doctors said that her internal organs where those of a young woman and that she could probably live for many more years. She did live seven more years and died peacefully in her sleep.   That was her destiny but she is certainly an inspiration.

Like my grandmother, I put my trust in the divine but it is a quality I have developed later in life. Until my mid30s, I was always sad and worried.  I thought the trick was to learn to live with my pain.  The future seemed bleak.

We all have different ways of dealing with pain and mine was to work hard. I was a fighter and I worked hard to prove to the world that I was lovable. I thought: if I had a successful carrier, if I had good grades, if had a university diploma, if I learn a new language, if I got a perfect job, if I had my own business, if I could accomplish something very big– people would notice that I am lovable and my life would get better.

I did accomplish all these things but peace wasn’t still there. So I continued fighting, I read books on self-help and did many programs diligently. I tackled all my problems like a battle, a battle to reach peace and harmony. I thought if I kept working hard, happiness and peace would be around the corner.  Still it didn’t work and one day, I crashed down.  I was so tired to fight. I just couldn’t do it anymore. And I started praying to God, “Please help me! I cannot do this any more.” I surrendered to God, embraced yoga and things started to get better.  I met along the way the right people and resources to improve my life.

What I have learned is that our yoga mat is a microcosm of our world.  What we learn on our mat, we start to apply it to our life.  In yogasana, we take a yoga position mindfully with the right foundation and then we let energy flow through us.

I have learned that in life like in yoga we need to create the right foundation, connect with spirit and then surrender, to relinquish control and to go with the Intuitive Flow.

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