On surrendering: Isvarapranidhana

On surrendering: Isvarapranidhana

Surrendering your pain is an excellent exercise however; it is pain that teach us to be compassionate. What is important is to not hold onto past experiences.

Living in the present sometimes means to feel our pain deeply and to stay connected to it in order to exorcise the negative emotions. Once this is processed you have to let go of attachment to the past emotions.

One thing that I learned while I was healing my ovary is that I was always looking for the pain in my body and hence awakening it. Later, I realized that I was doing the same thing with my emotional pain. Pain belongs to past experiences.

“Spirit is always with me. It wants to lift my pain. It does this not by abolishing painful memories but by putting me in totally in the present, where the past doesn’t exist.”

Deepak Chopra in The Path to Love

Surrendering your life “Isvarapranidhana” is a little different. Many people say that one should not surrender their life because they are afraid to relinquish control over their life. It gives them a false sense of security. In order to truly surrender your life you have to choose to trust and relinquish control. You must therefore drop the illusion of the sense of separation to be at one and in sync with the universe.

We say that we have free choice but to trust is the only choice that is required from us. On the other hand, our ability to receive is limited by our openness to God’s love. To receive God’s love we have to love our self. To love our self, we have to be compassionate to our self. To be compassionate to our self, we have to be compassionate to others and vice versa.