Open Letter to a Yoga Student in Search of a Yoga Teacher Training

Open Letter to a Yoga Student in Search of a Yoga Teacher Training

299064_10150301072672019_1888423960_n4-300x199Dear Yoga Student,

Before you decide how to inspire others through the mastery of yoga at our acclaimed 22-day program let me take you on a wonderful journey of those that have walked the path before you.

Remember these new yogis were new just like you, they had doubts like most new teachers, they had fears and anticipations but just look what happened after they made the big commitment to change and help others transform.

Brenda from Oxfordshire, England wrote:

“Dear Linda

Since completing my teacher training I have been offering private and group lessons in Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  These sessions include breathing and yoga nidra deep relaxation.

I am a regular instructor at two Health & Fitness Centres in Oxford UK.  I also deliver lunchtime yoga and yoga for conferences to companies and business parks in Oxfordshire.


“Dear Linda,

Intuitive flow is my main yoga school and you are my sole inspiration. I’m still filled with peace from the great experiences of learning at your workshop. I will be teaching Yoga Pranala starting January 2013. Everyone here is waiting for the class to begin. I would need your support as I bring Yoga into my life through teaching and continually learning.



“Hi Linda

I am in Ballarat Australia and have recently begun teaching Yoga Nidra classes at a studio called Inspire U to Shine.  Next year I will be teaching at least 2 more classes One will be a Pranala based Yoga/ Movement class The other will be and Movement/ Meditation style of class. I am hoping to gradually introduce more Yoga Pranala into both of these.

With gratitude


“Dear Linda

As you know, I am traveling all the time and for me I just now and then teach people. When I was in Holland I taught a few time my friends and here in the marina in Malaysia I taught a few time 2 people on my own. They are in their sixties and never did yoga before, it was a good experience!I only teach beginners classes and yes, I love to teach Yoga Pranala!”


“Dear Lovely Linda,

I’m currently integrating yoga, CBT and MBSR into weekly sessions to At Risk Youth here in my community. I continue to be passionate about serving the underprivileged and under serviced. Some of my future plans is to continue to discover ways to bring the essence of yoga to those in need and to bring Mindfulness Training to schools here in Ontario.

I will forever hold the Pranala teachings in my heart and in my personal practise

All my best and love,


“My dear Linda,

I follow you on FB and thank you for the many pearls of wisdom that you post every day!

… I would be extremely interested to know whether you are planning a Pranala 2 and believe that I could be one of your students.

Since I am back, I have my own practice every morning, and my colleagues in office have asked me to teach them too. This is something that I will start soon. Before doing that, I followed your advice and practice a bit on my own to be sure and confident when I will teach.

Thank you again for all



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It’s beautiful, wonderful and heart warming to know your fellow journey men and women completed their first part of their path just 3 months ago. Now its your turn and we are waiting to welcome you with the warmth and special breathtaking enchant emit of our beautiful islands Bali.

I know you are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher and really want to share with others the mastery of yoga?

Join us; make a life commitment from right now and you can also very quickly become an enlightened and truly inspired yoga teacher in 2013.

NEW dates added:

Due to complete sell out and high demand to attend our signature Yoga Pranala teacher training program over the past 2 years I am pleased to announce additional dates for you to choose from in 2013:

August 8-30

November 28 – December 20

This is for you; it’s for those that need and want more and I feel that must be you or you wouldn’t be reading this page.

Join my beautiful Balinese team and me for our next Yoga Pranala for the all-new Yoga Pranala Intensive 22day all inclusive Teacher Training program where I will be your personal inner and outer guide, every day, as you explore your personal world and shift your consciousness to a more abundant, more confident and more inspired path.

Blessings from magical Bali

Linda Madani