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A Retreat dedicated to men and women  aimed to help them relieve stress and learn how to age gracefully under the guidance of Linda Madani and Peter Vishaka.


  • Yoga that soothes your mind, your body and spirit in the natural beauty of Bali
  • Yoga for all levels of practice, beginners are welcome
  • Access a much deeper awareness of your whole being through the unique consciousness-based yoga practice of Pranala Yoga
  • Discover who you really are, can really be and come to peace in this World.
  • Engage and deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy with renowned master teachers Linda Madani and Peter Vishaka Venkateswara
  • Engage your body, engage your mind, engage your very being with Pranala Yoga.
  • Gain peace, love and brome inspired in blessed surroundings.

Upcoming Retreats:

26 May - 1st June 2019

An interview with Linda Madani

Linda’s message to You


Dear one,

It is difficult for anyone to accept ageing as a natural process in this world orientated towards youth, beauty and perfection.

I’ve learned in my many years of yoga practice to slowly accept and even celebrate this ageing process.

I want you to know I understand you, I have maybe even been where you are now and can truly feel where you are.

That’s exactly why I created Bali’s superior retreat for all those who want to understand this natural process we all eventually we’ll go through.

Bali is often referred to as the Island of the Gods because of its spiritual energy, is a magical place in which to immerse yourself in these life-changing experiences. The week-long retreat will completely shift your energy and perception of the world.

In this retreat I’ll create a space in which you will feel loved, at peace, refreshed, vibrationally in-tune and of course ready to face the world again with new yogic tools, newfound strength and confidence.

There are many retreats and yoga programmes in Bali, but most of them only celebrate youth and unrealistic body images and that creates a sentiment of frustration for ageing women and men.

That is why I want to make a step forward and offer the opportunity for everyone to feel loved, accepted in grace and in-tune with themselves.

You will learn from me, Linda Madani, practical advises to help you cultivate your inner light to accept ageing as a natural process, cultivate grace and self-love, self-care.

Peter Vishaka Venkateswara , my co-teacher , will gives us a profound insight on Hinduism, Vedic Astrology, Mantra, Bhakti Yoga and much more, helping to get a new perspective into wisdom, knowing yourself and your circumstances.


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The Elements…

Yoga is a path to self-awareness, balance and purification. The ancient Rishis understood the importance of a healthy body for all activities, whether worldly or spiritual.

Pranayama purifies the mind and body through the balance and cultivation of energy throughout the whole body.


Asana purifies the body through movements that increase and improve the flow of blood, oxygen and prana in the tissues, muscles and organs.


Yoga Pranala helps you to clear your mind, focus your intentions, reinvigorate your body and start the self-healing process.


In this 7-days retreat you will learn and practice with Linda Madani:


Asana :

  • Increased flexibility
  • Promotes good bone health
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Increase strength
  • Gentle movement without strain.
  • Gives energy and vitality


Mudra pranala – Self-healing system from Balinese healer Tjokorda Rai


  • It improves blood circulation and hypertension.
  • Help relaxation for body and mind.
  • Improves concentration,
  • Relieves stress, depression, anxiety.

Meditation – the goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature—which is described as peace, love, compassion and contentment.

Yoga Nidra – Nidra, meaning sleep, is a deep relaxation form of yoga, and a technique to awaken the connection between body, mind, and soul

Hasta Mudra  – Gesture with hands that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to a specific part of the brain or body.

Self Inquiries – A personal diary to express your emotions and feelings


Peter Vishaka Venkateswara will have four workshops and you will learn about:


1.Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and the Sacred science of sound workshop

Learn the science of sound – With the yogic teachings of mantra science and classical Indian singing – Each person will learn powerful ways to make sound a deep part of a Bhakti Yoga devotional and healing practice. Including understand the roots or classical Indian music. In this class, we will learn the theory and hidden secrets behind the science of mantra and sound, mantra and sound used for healing work, classical Indian music, and the history of sound in yogic text.



2.The Basics of Vedic Yoga Astrology Science and Wisdom workshop

Vedic Astrology (called Jyotish or “The Science of Light”) comes to us from India and goes back over 5,000 years coming from the Vedas,  which are ancient scriptures that were brought to us by enlightened sages that come from a yogic perception of reality. Ayurveda and Yoga also come from the Vedas. Jyotish assumes the law of karma, which is the principle of cause and effect, and can give a better view of a person’s karmic tendencies while defining a person’s psychological nature , putting focus and understanding on when certain events are likely to take place.we will cover auspicious timing of events,  This workshop will cover some of the basics needed to read your birth chart and participants will be given an overview about their personal birth chart.


3.Gods and goddesses in Hinduism and the cycles of the Yugas workshop

The gods and goddesses in Hinduism and why its important to us and how to apply that wisdom in our lives..

There are thousands of Hindu and Vedic Deities, however we will learn only about the 10 of the most recognized gods and goddesses in Hindu Vedic wisdom. We will answer the hidden important questions such as:

Where did they come from?  

What do they represent?

How they can help us and Why do we honour and worship them?

An interesting view on spirituality and practical wisdom.

4.Navigating through the Yuga Cycles workshop

We never die as we are reborn- The Vedic Rishis and Sages of India studied time at a very in-depth level and, as documented in the ancient texts of India, present a perspective of the cycles of time of our Universe known as the YUGAs.The Yugas are very important ways to understand the cycles of time of our Universe and show us that these cycles are repeated: just as we have night and day, we also have the seasons and the ascending time of our lives and a descending time, the Yugas have a 12,000 year time of ascending, and a 12,000 year descending cycle. In this fascinating and informative workshop, Peter will present and offer an in-depth discussion on The Yuga Cycles and how it relates to us today. A powerfully interactive workshop he will share hidden Vedic texts, maps, charts, and opinions of the leading experts on this subject and offer reasons for the importance of understanding the cycles at this time, including how we can be of greater service to help humanity as we transition through the cycles and move toward the galactic center.


**Peter will also offer one Vedic astrology for each participant of the retreat.**

**Linda and Peter will also co-teach two classes together.**


During the retreat, we will have one evening with a SPECIAL Classical Indian Music Concert!

This will be a blissful concert of the cosmic sounds of the Mohan Vina Slide Guitar -With roots from Hawaii and India the Mohan Vina or Indian slide guitar provides and an amazing tapestry of sound that will put you in a higher state of awareness .

Peter Vishaka will be joined by other talented musicians,.

Peter Vishaka has been playing flamenco, classical Indian music  for over 20 years.

Another special event of the retreat will be the Vedic Fire Puja facilitated by Peter Vishaka.


Linda Madani is a registered yoga teacher with the International Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500), a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) both from India and USA, as well as a spiritual healer.


After arriving on the island of Bali, she decided to open Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio, a beautiful and serene yoga studio in Ubud, Bali, that has become a refuge for those seeking peace, relaxation, and reconnection to the source.


Her teachings include Yoga Pranala, a combination of asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra pranala (Balinese tantra) and Yoga Nidra to students in English, French, Indonesian.


Linda has received the ancient knowledge of healing from the Balinese shaman Cokorda Rai since 1996, and she integrated all these information in her yoga practice, and as a result, she helped many people in their process of healing.


Linda has led many retreats focused on healing, slowing down to connect our individual consciousness to the source.


With more than 15 years of experience and countless students participating in her retreats, teacher trainings and classes, she has helped people of all kinds, from different countries and backgrounds to rediscover their spirituality.


One of the things that Yoga teaches us, in her opinion, is to go beyond our limits. As we stretch our muscles past our limit, we learn that we can go beyond the limits we have set ourselves in our life, beyond the boundaries of the five senses mind.


Linda has travelled to India many times in the last years for study and vacation, and she would like to take you on this incredible journey around the land of sadhus and magnificent temples, full of history and colours.


By joining her retreats, you will gain a lot of insights about healing and balance your being.


Allow yourself to discover the source of your inner power and find inspiration to resolve some of your life’s issues.

Peter Vishaka Venkateswara  has studied and taught Yoga, classical Indian music, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Wisdom and Sciences and the sacred art of Vedic rituals and fire pujas -Agni Hotra all for almost 20 years.


He originally at 17 years old learned the I-ching, The I-Ching, or Book of Changes, a source for both Confucianist and Taoist philosophy. He also has an undergraduate degree in comparative religion in California. Originally a Scientist, Inventor with a degree in Civil Engineering and the author of over 15 Us Patents on environmental cleanup systems- He founded and was owner and teacher at a Yoga studio in California- Yoga House Santa Ynez in 1997 and a music producer for mantras and devotional music in Hawaii.


He has studied and inspired by teachers such as David Frawley, Komilla Sutton, Julia Swanson, Rhitom Sarkar, Bepin Behari, Hart De Fouw and Robert Svoboda. Ganga and Traci White- white Lotus Yoga,


Currently for the last 5 years he has been travelling through exotic countries in the world such as India, Thailand, Australia, Bali and Europe teaching classes on the Yugas and Vedic cycles of time and the teachings on the Vedas, Basic and advanced concepts in classes on Hindu Astrology and giving public discourse and Vedic Fire Pujas –  Vishakas emphasis is on the remedies of Vedic astrology, overcoming challenges in life and simplifying the teachings of Vedic wisdom.

What Yoga Actually Is

  • Yoga is about stillness of the mind and developing the witness within of our  human experience and consciousness.
  • You need not to be flexible to practice yoga
  • Yoga is not a physical exercise.
  • You are never too old to practice Yoga.
  • Being flexible is not being an advanced yoga practitioner

Yoga is about breathing. Breath is the vehicle for prana. It is the breath that initiates and finishes the movement. We hold the breath for two seconds between each and every breath. That creates a trance state that is pleasant and relaxing.


If you are new to Yoga – You’ll love it. If you’ve never tried Pranala – You’ll love it.


People come from all over the globe to visit us as you’ll see below so you will love the international feel and we have a beautiful, trusting and loving Balinese team that will carefully and lovingly look after you while you are here.

Everything about Bali is beautiful everything about our Yoga classes is unique, different and caring.


Just one more thing I want to share with you before I share more about the class. Our location is absolutely stunning. You will smell the flowers, feel the warm wind, listen to the exotic birds. Bali is truly lush, luxuriant and exotic, the land is infused with powerful healing properties and you feel the energy of the land. It truly is a healing island.


What people have said about past retreats


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Bali Dream Resort & SPA Ubud

We are offering three accommodation options, you can either have a single private room or a twin-shared room at Bali Dream Resort.

Bali dream Resort is one of the best locations for relaxing and many other green activities.

Bali Dream Resort Ubud offers cozy accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, an on-site restaurant and free Wi-Fi access in all areas of the property. Located in Penestanan Ubud area, it takes about a 5-minutes walk to Nalanda.


More about Bali Dream Resort on their website




All rooms at Bali Dream Resort have a flat-screen TV with cable channels.

Certain rooms feature a seating area to relax in after a busy day. A terrace or balcony are featured in certain rooms. Every room is fitted with a private bathroom.

The facilities and services provided by Bali Dream Resort Ubud ensure a pleasant stay for guests.

A selection of top-class facilities such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk, express check-in/check-out, Wi-Fi in public areas, room service can be enjoyed at the hotel.

For more information visit the website



Bali is the perfect place to relax so try the SPA treatments from Bali Dreams Resort & SPA.

You can pamper yourself here and enjoy the luxury of their skilled therapist’s treatments.





All meals are included : breakfast, lunch and dinner and they will be served at Nalanda, our yoga-sister school hosting our practice and workshops..

Nalanda is located 5-minutes from the resort and our in-house chef will prepare healthy, delicious and organic vegetarian meals.

Residential Retreat option

Accommodation included at Bali Dream Resort


  • Airport transfer to and from the resort
  • 6 nights of comfortable accommodations
  • FREE ACCESS to the swimming pools of the resort
  • Delicious breakfasts, lunch and dinner ( 3 meals each day)
  • Morning and evening yoga sessions with Linda Madani
  • 4 workshops with Peter Vishaka
  • One Vedic Astrology reading
  • Two classes with Peter Vishaka and Linda Madani
  • Vedic ritual
  • Classical Indian Music Concert!
  • A spiritual diary
  • Final Pranala ceremony
  • Government tax and service



single rooms and all inclusions US $ 1800

twin-share rooms and all inclusions US $ 1700


**Practice and meals at Nalanda School, 5-minutes walking distance from your accommodation – Bali Dream Resort. 

** Booking conditions apply**

*** We understand that some solo participants will happily share a room to reduce paying an additional room supplement.

If you are willing to share, we will do our best to match you with another solo participant of the same gender & similar age when possible. Conditions apply, please contact Cristina for further information.

Non residential Retreat Option

Accommodation Not included 



  • Morning and evening yoga sessions with Linda Madani
  • Delicious breakfasts, lunch and dinner ( 3 meals each day)
  • 4 workshops with Peter Vishaka
  • One Vedic Astrology reading
  • Two classes with Peter Vishaka and Linda Madani
  • Vedic ritual
  • A spiritual diary
  • Final Pranala ceremony
  • Classical Indian Music Concert!
  • Government tax and service






USD $ 1,425. – for non residential



**Practice and meals at Nalanda School in Ubud.

The venue for practice at Nālandā School of Higher Knowledge and Bhakti Yoga

Nālandā is located in Penestanan Kelod, 7 minutes walking distance from the accommodation,  and is our new sister-school.

The place boasts a lush garden with temple sights, high-ceiling wooden-floored consecrated studio space with wood carved details, a jungle view and river access.

The venue’s capacity is to host up to 50 people at once and it is the ideal location for our yoga practice.


Day 1

17:00 – Orientation Meeting
18:00 – Dinner
19:00 – Vedic Fire Puja

Day 2


07:00 – Yoga Pranala and meditation with Linda
09:00 – Breakfast
10:30 – Pranala mudra
13:30 – Lunch
17:00 – Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and the Sacred science of sound with Peter Vishaka

19:00 – Dinner

Day 3


07:00 – Yoga and meditation

09:00 – Breakfast

10:30 – The Basics of Vedic Yoga Astrology Science and Wisdom with Peter Vishaka

13:30 – Lunch

17:00 – Yoga, meditation with Linda

19:00 – Dinner

Day 4


07:00 – Yoga Pranala and meditation

09:00 – Breakfast

10:30 – Gods and goddesses in Hinduism and the cycles of the Yugas with Peter Vishaska

17:00 – Yoga Pranala and meditation

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Classical Indian Music Concert

Day 5


07:00 – Yoga and meditation

09:00 – Breakfast

10:30 – Navigating through the Yuga Cycles

13:30 – Lunch

17:00 – Restorative yoga with Live Music with Linda and Vishaka

19:00 – Dinner

Day 6


07:00 – Yoga and meditation

09:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Free time

13:30 – Lunch

15:30 – Ceremony Pranala

19:00 – Dinner

Day 7


07:00 – Final yoga with Linda and Vishaka

09:00 – Breakfast

Is this a time when you really need to get away, recover and rediscover yourself? Only you can answer that but if that is how you feel right now I want to assure you when you join us you’ll be in safe, kind and loving hands.

I love my students and love to care for them. This is a unique Yoga experience you’ll truly never forget but more than that this is an experience that will be with you for the rest of your life.


From the beauty of Bali to the shamanic healing experience to the merging and blending of cultures and friends we promise to look after you from the moment you arrive to the second you say goodbye to us.


This will be the very best investment you ever make in yourself. I hope to see you soon in Bali and of course if you have any questions please get in touch with me so I can answer them right away.



Linda Madani



Click that button to register your space in the retreat.

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