Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Dear all,

I am currently in the middle of leading a Teacher Training “Yoga Pranala Intensive 2012” and I feel so honored to witness the transformative process of the teacher trainees unfolding, each one at their own pace, according the to divine timing for the good of all.

The ancient Hatha yoga texts*** teach us that transformation in the life of yogi/ni happens in four different stages:

1. Arambha Avastha

A new seed of possibility is planted. The yogi/ni feels wonderful and confident. They become more sensitive and glowing. Their whole body and senses become alive. They start experiencing Prana moving throughout their body and their senses of perception are enhanced. They ready to begin the exploration of the inner space beyond their five senses mind.

2. Ghata Avastha

The seed is decaying. It is a time of change and disruption. The yogi/ni is experiencing some resistance and pain whether is mental, physical or emotional. Their whole foundation is shaken or even collapsing as they are shaken to the core mentally and emotionally. The life that they have been living has outgrown its form. They go through a psychic death so that life force energy can be released in a new form.

3. Paricaya Avastha

The seed is now germinating. There is a release of tension and uncertainty. Profound changes and new qualities are emerging. It is a time of deliverance. It is the beginning of new path. Resistance is dispersed and rectification is happening naturally and easily.

4. Nispatti Avastha

The blossoming occurs. A new life begins filled with contentment and harmony. The yogi/ni is detached and the Sukha and Duhkha don’t affect them anymore. The yogi/ni submits to the will from above. They are no longer bound by old patterns and attain freedom and liberation.

These cycles never end. Remember, there is no destination. Just like the moon waxes and wanes, we go through these changes several times in our lifetime. We plant the seed of the new; fertilize the ground once more and we begin a full cycle of time before reaping the harvest and experiencing deliverance. But each time, growth is assured and we get hopefully a little wiser.

What about you? Where are you on your spiritual path? Are you ready to take your journey to the next level, if the answer is yes, I would like to invite to join my next retreat: Spiritual Development and Yoga Pranala December from 2nd to 8th 2012. Don’t miss this opportunity to have this amazing transformative experience.

Here are some of the testimonials that the participants have given me after the last retreat:

Yoga Pranala retreat is a retreat like no other. Linda is a Master teacher and individually and as a group she transformed all of us and shut us an air path to discovering what is truly a life changing journey. I hope she and her students in the future get to repeat what we all felt this week, I have no doubt that she will. Truly an inspiration and an honour, very very grateful.

Tanya Pasfield April 2012

The retreat surpassed my expectations. The resort setting is in paradise, constantly stimulating all the services. The food was beautiful. Linda is a soul full of universal knowledge to share in order to guide you at any level, to take your yoga meditation and spiritual connection to another dimension. We are sad to leave but feel blessed by the gifts we have been given.

Rebecca Magestro April 2012

Looking for a holiday with something spiritual this was the best choice. I could see the teacher was and is excellent sure I will come back. Shirley Mertens , April 2012 Enriching in every way. Perfect place to rejuvenate and become whole again

Michelle Dubey, April 2012

Amazing experience & mind opening. Recommend to everyone, who is looking for more balanced life. Enjoyed beautiful swimming pool, peaceful environment & delicious food. 2.5 hours ayurveda massage is a must.

Natalia Ozerova,, April 2012

I would love to share with you this amazing experience. Don’t miss this opportunity by clicking this link to apply now.

Blessings to you from the powerful island of Bali.

In peace and light,


*** inspired by a lecture by Kausthub Desikachar I attended at KYM, February 2012