On June 01, I am turning 60. 

Most of us don’t like to talk about ageing. I found it very interesting as we are all ageing. 

We cannot avoid it, and why not ageing with Grace?

Why not make it the best time of our lives? 

Ageism is everywhere – what can we do?

As we grow older, we are subjected to “ageism.” It implies we’re ashamed of getting older that it’s bad to get older. It’s so deeply embedded in our culture. A ruthless combination of sexism and ageism in our social media can leave women (and men) fearing for their self-image after a certain age.

Through social media, we judge merits and demerits based only on visual appearance. While subconsciously being fed with limiting beliefs about sexual self-worth, and objectified concepts of sex appeal, beauty, attractiveness.  

Yoga was, in ancient times, a transcending discipline. However, in today’s day and age, social media has altered our view and approach to Yoga and portrays it as merely a visually aesthetic fitness practice. 

Students are often not interested in pursuing Yoga beyond asana, as we cannot take pictures and videos of our inner practice and landscape and share it on social media. 

The fact that Yoga is being practiced mostly by women in the west, it is no wonder that ageing is challenging for the western mind as we value youth as the only desirable condition. 

Now it is time to take our spiritual practice to the next level. 

For me, It is a privilege to grow old.

I am proud and feel so grateful I have come this far. 

I have studied all my life, and my practice of Yoga has given me this freedom. 

I am finally at peace.  

In my early adult life, I was seeking self-love, which I acquired in my late thirties. 

In my fifties, I have sought peace.    

I have now come to this place. 

As we the world coming out of confinement, I don’t know if the world has indeed changed. 

But I know that I have changed. 

During this time of seclusion and solitude, I have dwelled in place deep within me, and I am at peace with myself and in the world as it is. The world doesn’t need to change for me to be at peace.  

Ancient Yogis practiced Yoga not just to be healthy, but because they knew it takes a lifetime to get the essence of the meaning of life. 

That’s what I realize. 

I’m turning 60. 

I know it took me all these years to work on my well-being and not hold on to the youth. 

I want to be healthy so that I can continue my practice and take it even much further. 

I believe that in the end, at the moment when death comes, we cross over and reach another level of consciousness. 

Love and Light,