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Meet Our Yoga Teachers

In our beautiful Yoga-studio in Penestanan, Ubud, Bali

Putu Purnama

Before graduating from Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training in 2014, Putu Purnama had worked previously as a yoga instructor for five years; He also learned yoga from his grandfather and other Balinese yoga practitioners, such as  Kd Suambara (Ambarashram). , Kt. Bandiastra and Bapak Suweca. He uses Swami Sivananda breathing techniques, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga and Laughter yoga as well.


I first fell in love with the practice of yoga in 2004.  In my first class, I experienced a sense of peace and harmony I had not thought possible. I was hooked. The practice not only calmed my mind and soothed my body, but my life was changing.  I began to learn that my outer world was my own creation, and a reflection of my inner world.  In January 2011, I completed my YTT in Maharashtra, India, and continue to learn and grow as a student and teacher every day.  I enjoy and draw inspiration from many traditions and styles of yoga.  My classes involve intuitive and creative sequencing, with the purpose of deep exploration and embodiment.   I aspire to create a nurturing space to support the flow of energy, and cultivate harmony in the mind and body. I am humbled and honored to be of service in what is my true passion and purpose. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Chiara is a gifted yoga teacher and a graduate of Yoga Pranala Intensive 2013, RYT200.

Chiara teaches gentle Yoga Pranala, directly from the heart. In her class we slow down to became stronger. We learn to be gentle with ourselves, with everyone and everything. Moving the body and the breath to discover and unveil the space and the light within, to enhance self love and create acceptance and worthiness by connecting with the energies that are continuously supporting us.

She is also passionate about the healing potential of Essential Oils and has completed the formation to become “Master blender.” She often incorporates this amazing gift from Mother Nature during practice, to shift and raise frequencies.

” I discovered Yoga in India, in an Ayurvedic Clinic in 2005.I went over there to look for an alternative to traditional Western medicine and I realized that Yoga was a compulsory part of all the therapies and sister science of Ayurveda.Embracing all that, my life started to change..

My first teacher there was a little wise Indian man, super flexible and very passionate and respectful, devoted to the practice, the philosophy and the discipline. His English was very poor and he was not used to teach to Westerners. For me it has been a blessing and the best, most authentic way to step into the path of Yoga!

Ni Luh Manis

My name is Luh Manis. I was born and raised in Bali. I have had special training as “Jero” or Balinese priestess. After having undergone this special training, I have the responsibility to lead ceremony, following all of the traditional observances. Since I became a “Jero”, I became sensitive to energy and I had to deal with a lot of power. Yoga and meditation help me to balance all of that. I trained with ’Shakti Mhi of Prana Yoga College and certified by Prana Yoga College BC at 200-hour level. Now I’m practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga, Prana Yoga, and meditation full time. Additionally, I guide people to explore their spiritual side and to study Balinese healing practices based on on Balinese culture.

Eva Anggraini

Born in Yogyakarta and grown up in Jakarta. After thirteen years working as Marketing Administration Staff in Gramedia Group (at Tabloid BOLA) one of the biggest printing media company in Indonesia, her passion for Yoga drawn her to Ubud and BaliSpirit Festival. She has been practicing Yoga both in Jakarta and Bali since 2004, studying local Balinese Yoga and also got her Scholarship from SOSA [School Of Sacred Arts] Teacher Training [E-R.Y.T 200]. Eva teaches in local studios and several resort In Ubud-Bali and arranged retreats and healings. She often combined Local Balinese Yoga in her class to create more “local” taste of Yoga.

Robyn Thoren Smith

Robyn Thoren Smith is a graduate of the 2013 Yoga Pranala Intensive. She has been practicing yoga since 1998 when she took her first class with her college roommate and fell in love with the peaceful, expansive ease that she experienced in yoga practice.   Her passion lies at the intersection of mysticism and embodiment; the place where our spiritual light meets our shadowy and wonderfully messy humanity.


Robyn has supported hundreds of men, women, and couples to express and bring alive previously hidden aspects of themselves through her compassionate and encouraging witness.  Prior to joining the staff at Yoga Pranala, she created The Present Sense Approach to Sex and Intimacy, a somatic coaching process for cultivating deep connection, satisfaction and freedom in the realms of sex and relationship.   She is currently deepening her path in Tantra Yoga through the lineage of Sri Vidya and was initiated by Amritananda Natha of Devipurum Temple and Ashram in southern India in 2012.


She is delighted and grateful for the opportunity to play, serve, teach and learn with you at Intuitive Flow Yoga!


Anouk has been practicing Yoga for eighteen years. Before coming to Bali she has been teaching in India, Europe and East Asia. In her classes, she joyously endeavors to lead her students through a journey that embraces not only the physical but also the deeper aspects of Yoga.

Anouk completed her training in India, obtaining a certificate by Yoga Alliance to teach internationally. She has since instructed in several teacher trainings, sharing not only Asana but also the breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana). Today, Anouk’s teachings in these practices are inspired by her teacher and partner, Emil Wendel.



My journey began from being inspired and passionate to express myself through movement and dance from a young age, and always felt that expressive arts was part of my path.I graduated from The Royal Ballet School in London and had a career as a professional dancer in various international state theaters for 14 years.In 2008, after developing several injuries I discovered the art of healing through yoga and fell in love with this moving meditation and it’s profound effects. I continued to explore in various styles and yoga practice quickly became part of my life. Following several completions in intensive yoga and dance teacher trainings, I started to teach yoga and dance in 2012.

After meeting a kinesiologist and healer who happened to be a regular participant in my classes, I began to explore self healing techniques that have guided me to develop a deeper understanding of the mind, body and soul connection.

Today I draw my 24 years of experience in movement which involve intuitive and creative practices that focuses on breath, awareness, mindfulness and alignment. I am deeply grateful for my life experiences, and wish to share these gifts in guiding people through yoga practices to connect with their divine selves and become aware of their self healing abilities. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Eva Ritchie

Eva started yoga about 20 years ago, after her Mum suggested it. At the time it really wasn’t the most popular thing to do (especially as a 15 year old), yet she did it anyway and hasn’t looked back! She connected deeply with the way it brought every aspect of her being together: body, mind and emotions, through the connection of movement and breath.

Yoga has been a constant in her life ever since, and has accompanied her through qualifications in Western Herbal Medicine, Remedial Massage and Aromatherapy.

After many years of wanting to teach,  she became a certified teacher with the School of Sacred Arts in 2013 (E-R.Y.T 200).

Whilst living in Sydney, she studied primarily under Simon Borg-Olivier, (co-founder of Yoga Synergy) and has since then completed the Yoga Synergy fundamental course.

Over the years she has developed a keen interest in the more meditative style of Yin yoga and has also studied with Sarah Powers and recently completed a 100h training with Tina Nance.

Her Vinyasa classes focus mostly on developing strength & flexibility through slow, directed movements and breath, whilst her Yin classes combine long held shapes, breath awareness and mindfulness meditation.


Her wish is to share the gift of Yoga with others and to deepen our understanding of our true nature – Love.

Sandy Kalifadani


Yogya based yoga teacher, musician and artist Sandi Kalifadani has been a dedicated explorer of yoga since 2002 through his volunteer work in downsyndrome organization and Balance Mind Body Soul. Since then, he has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa. Sandi was also initated into the ancient Zen Meditation tradition. He has also studied several healing methods such as Zen Counselling, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Hypnotherapy and NLP and brings many elements of these practices into his yoga teachings.

Sandi is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and has taught yoga for over 10 years. Sandi’s unique yoga teaching styles combines aspects of Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa yoga, a wonderful mix of longer-held postures, deep stretching and body awareness, with a slow flow modified for all levels of practice. Sandi is also a Yoga Alliance certified children’s yoga teacher, has served yoga classes for children and disabilities children for over 3 years.

Nina Nahathya

Nina who is originally from Surabaya started her yoga journey in 2011.

Her passion for yoga brought her to take her first yoga teacher training course and become a teacher in 2015.

Nina brings a casual atmosphere into her dynamic yet energetic class, she keeps the class comfortable yet relaxed while making sure the students get their energy flowing. She also emphasizes students to keep their freedom while being challenged in their practice, she loves to share and brings joy in her class because she believes that every struggle in the practice will reduce if it comes with a joyful surrounding.

Nina’s attention to each and every student is unparalleled and a fresh of breath air to be around with her relaxing demeanor.

Jade Richardson

Jade Richardson

At a certain point in life we come to understand that this peace we seek, the peace we can rely on and deepen into, is our peace with our selves.

After 15 years studying yoga with teachers including Yoga Pranala with Linda Madani, Vinyasa with Shiva Rae in USA, Tantra in Thailand, Bikram in Australia and Hatha in Bali, Jade’s classes draw on a variety of traditions to build strength, flexibility and nurture the soul.

With a background as a professional writer and mountaineer, she came to yoga with a passion for its philosophy, as well as its physical and emotional benefits. She says, “Yoga is the most beautiful way I have discovered to deepen self awareness, strengthen mind and body, and resolve grief and stuck life stories.

“With a body made supple, calm, free of tension, congestion and habit, we can set about gently building this most beautiful of all creations – a calm mind. From here, all blessings arise. From here, all beauty can be enjoyed, all wisdom comes; good choices, sweet feelings, contentment, inspiration, peace!

This is Yoga – the practice of making honey on the inside, which life will reflect in beauty around us – and we can share with others.”


Caroline Pontual

Caroline is a true wellness activist.

She believes a healthy outside starts from the inside. She is devoted to yoga, nutrition, detox and wellness, empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga has always been a source of energy, connection, peace and self-development in her life.

She completed her 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in the Mysore style in India in 2009 with Barath Sheety and has since completed her advanced level (500-hr) training.

Recently she has completed a (300-hr ) training with Everet Newel at Zuna Yoga School.

Along the way, Caroline has been studying and practicing many healing arts such as Naturopathy, NLP, Ayurveda, Health – Nutrition Coaching and various massage techniques.

Through her holistic approach and knowledge Caroline has developed a unique yoga style.

She believes everyone is unique and only an approach supporting individual qualities can lead to well-being.

She encourages her students to build a solid foundation with correct alignments and synchronized breath, uniting body, mind and soul into one dance, one sound.