Very interesting and intence experience, great yoga teacher and enthusiastic team, very kind & personal treatments.

Esther van As & Ysabelle Rademakers Netherlands

I am grateful to have been part of this beautiful journey. The opportunities to grow and transform were incredible and I am blessed to have met such beautiful people. I learned so much about yoga and myself as a way of life. Being a part of the Balinese ceremonies was such an honor. I am inspired and looking forward the next chapter in my life.

Elvira Gesumaria, Canada

This is a beautiful and comprehensive teacher training. It is very challenging, rich and transformative. The depth of experience available through the staff is extraordinary and the blend of Balinese Pranala Healing with yoga offers a profoundly balanced, grounded practice based in the heart.

Robyn Sedwick, Australia

In august this year I decided to go to Bali and do a teachers training with Linda Madani. My Reason for doing the teachers training was initially to learn more about yoga. I went with open heart and open mind and was rewarded with the most amazing and enriching experience. Linda and the other teachers involved in our teachers training put so much effort, love and compassion into this training that I walked away totally believing in myself as a teacher and expanding my awareness in more than yoga. The connections with the other students and the all the teachers was so incredible and I feel there will be a bond unbroken now. A part of my heart will always be with that beautiful group of people and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect to such an amazing experience.

Maria Couanis Perth W.A.

Yoga Pranala TT was a great blend of East and West. The material was unique, well put together for aspiring teachers.

Lakshmi Babu, USA

Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training was a wonderful experience that completed my teaching experience. I now put myself in the class as a translator and always keep myself in balance. The teachers of Yoga Pranala Intensive were so wonderful and their generous love made me feel so loved, complete and help me to embrace the strength within me. It was an amazing 22-day experience on my yoga journey. I will always be grateful for this chance. Thank you.

Nyoman Wahuyuni , Indonesia

This was the first time I ever went so deep to be able to actually feel release of sadness and pain from resentments, past traumas, bad memories and all that was holding me back from happiness. I forgave all those who hurt me and asked for forgiveness from those I have hurt. I could feel smile coming from the inside. I experienced myself healing through the yoga mudras, yoga nidra and asana. I experienced the healing power of yoga. It is real from me now. Thank you for the bottom of my heart

Debbie Winsky U.S.A.

I found the training to be beneficial and invaluable in my growth and enjoyed the body, mind, spirit aspect. I learned so much and intend to incorporate what I learned into my daily life and look forward to sharing with others. Teachers so knowledgeable and engaging and kept me interested and I will explore further what I learned. The training is very worthwhile.

Karen Myers, Australia, March 2018

I recently participated (18th-24th December, 2011) in a 7 day retreat ‘Healing& Spiritual Development with Yoga Pranala’ with Linda Madani, at the wonderful Ananda Cottages, Ubud. I am really happy to share that this retreat far exceeded my expectations! I have not been a regular yoga practitioner (all that will now change!) and was a little concerned I might struggle with the intensity of the morning & evening excerise, but Linda successfully managed to support us all through individual attention and a wonderfully balanced programme. A particular highlight was the visit to a traditional healer, Cokorda Rai, Linda’s mentor & teacher. This visit was a real revelation for me, and participation in personal & group ceremonies were highly profound, life altering experiences. Thank you Linda, and thank you to all the staff at Kumara who were absolutely brillant!.

S Jerkins Australia

This retreat was such an incredible experience. I came in with no expectations and open to what lay ahead. Linda and the staff gave me memories that I will never forgot. The location is absolutely stunning, the food mouthwatering and the staff meticulous with every detail! Linda is so passionate about what she does that I could not help but be inspired by her. She took me through an incredible journey of self healing for which I am so grateful. I will most definitely be back in the future and recommend this retreat to anyone who needs relaxation and self reflection. Thank you!! Namaste!.

Laura Powers Canada