Linda and her teaching team have developed a unique and wonderful training program that takes you on a journey to know yourself, to connect with spirit and to truly understand the ancient art that is yoga. I highly recommend it.

Lisa Allwell, Australia

There are no words to describe what Linda, Anouk and Emil gave to us.
It was the most beautiful, powerful and life-changing experience I have ever had.
The training planted a little seed deep inside our hearts and souls and this seed is growing everyday.
I am so thankful for all the wisdom they shared with us. It is invaluable!
There is no better place to connect deeper with the earth, the sky and all beings on this planet than breathtaking Bali.
Just follow your intuition and enjoy it…

Shirin Tessmer Germany

Perfect Balance, Perfect Harmony. Accessed to new areas for me. Finding a lot of pieces. I have never had a teacher like Linda. An experience I wish not to forget. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and also for taking us to meet your teacher. The rituals at the palace and on the beach: it is hard to describe what I experienced inside

Ulla Zumbuztz Switzerland

Intense, inspiring and heart opening. Worth every minute of it! Thank you.

Katharina Hillmer, Germany

This was the first time I ever went so deep to be able to actually feel release of sadness and pain from resentments, past traumas, bad memories and all that was holding me back from happiness. I forgave all those who hurt me and asked for forgiveness from those I have hurt. I could feel smile coming from the inside. I experienced myself healing through the yoga mudras, yoga nidra and asana. I experienced the healing power of yoga. It is real from me now. Thank you for the bottom of my heart

Debbie Winsky U.S.A.

Linda is an inspiring & confident teacher who instructs with compassion & precision. She has brought a dimension into my life which will enable me to continue my spiritual journey. Linda’s passion pervades her entire being this is supported by being in such a magical spot. The staff at Kumara were perfect. Everything done with knowing less humbleness & that lovely Balinese smile to be able to return & continue this path with so many supportive people around can only be a form of the heaven on earth. I bow to you all. Namaste. The depth of Linda’s knowledge is extraordinary, her ability to impart it even more so. She creates a symphony with the visible and the invisible, my heart sings.

Celia Esplin,Australia

The teacher training was excellent, the caring and guiding teachers made an unforgettable experience for me. I’ve learned in these 22 days a lot about myself With Yoga Pranala Teacher Training, I have become an inspired beginner yoga teacher.

Edit Busa, Austria

We received so much knowledge and guidance and the teachers were all very loving and caring, which enabled us to feel comfortable and secure. It was an unforgettable, life changing and inspiring experience.

Erica Kelly, England

I am so grateful to have been on this TT. to make the connection with the girls and our beautiful teachers who worked tirelessly in putting a great teacher training. The food was also good.

2011 Graduate

I so miss our time together…but the love and energy I carry with me in my heart…Learning from you & Anouk & well,  I learned many things from everybody… Has lifted my spirit & changed my world… So I thank you for that & for all of your kindnesses while I was there.

Laura Smiley