Absolutely amazing experience.  I learned so much more than I ever expected.


Caris Sides, Australia, March 2018

I am very proud to have done this training with Linda Anouk Emil Dr. Remil and Dr. Sujatha. The whole team is very well organized, well prepared. Beautiful ceremonies etc. I already had some knowledge, but I went more in-depth, and I feel better equipped to teach. Very grateful and happy.

Sylvie Bond, Canada, July 2018

I found the TT to be very well organized. The whole team was excellent. I learned an incredible amount of both from a technical side, but also the history and other components of yoga Would recommend this program to everyone who is looking for an enriching training.

Sandrine Ferst, Canada, March 2018

If the thought of going on a different kind of holiday has ever surfaced in your mind, do not put it aside. Follow the inclination and make your way to this worthwhile and empowering yoga pranala retreat programme, which is certain to bring you some new insights, understanding and awareness of oneself and others. All that is required is an open heart, to receive the wonderful teachings and blessings, which shall touch you in one way or another. With a group of loving and inspiring people-the retreat teacher Linda, the hotel staff, the fellow retreat participants; as well as the natural environment and thoughtfully prepared food, this is a retreat programme that leaves you with both renewed energy, as well as practical tools for self-healing and awareness.

Karen Tan Singapore

Yoga Pranala TT was a great blend of East and West. The material was unique, well put together for aspiring teachers.

Lakshmi Babu, USA

I am glad that I did a teacher training with Linda. It is very special, and you learn many tools to become an excellent yoga teacher. The whole training is a transformational journey. I am very grateful.

Vreni Meinl Austria, July 2018

Life is meant to be happy. We are born to be happy. You guided me from darkness to light. I salute you all my sweet beloved teachers. Satnam. I love you all from my heart.

Rui Zou, China

Along with a deepening of my knowledge of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, I was taken on a Balinese Spiritual experience that was far more profound than I could have hoped for.

Jenni Bolton, England

Thank you for creating such a lovely and unique opportunity for my personal journey and first visit to Bali . I am blessed for the chance to come here and take it all in. I am confident that this experience will stay with me a long time, if not forever. I’d like to return and would recommend Kumara and Linda’s retreat to others. Thank you again for opening the doors to me and providing this experience

Amy Somer U.S.A.

My dear teacher Linda,


Already passed 3monts more from the end of the course… still now, my various sensation is continuing from the course.


Also, I feel every my friends, person srround me is much more lovely now more than before, and feel much deeply love from them to me,.. and rearized again how deep experience and transformation of the course was..


had some chances to teach to the private Yoga class at private villa. Honestly it was not perfect, because of my nurvousness, but i was so happy to share the yoga class with people and to see them happy after the class. I am deeply appliciated to you to give me the lightness for yoga.


i also become pregnant…I am really happy and thinking that happened because the healthy and wealthy period for phisically and mentaly during the course…so I would like to say from bottom my heart thank you so much for your enlightment guidance.


keep in touch, I will go to your class in near future:)