Linda Madani is an inspired and inspiring teacher. She is profound, highly connected and very attentive to the well-being of all! And she has a sense of humor! She laughs! I attended all the sessions with eagerness and enthousiasm mainly because of Linda, her «presence», her vast knowledge, her passion, her simplicity and her beautiful heart!I discovered a wonderful universe in that type of yoga, so wonderful that I want to continue exploring it! I would strongly recommend this retreat without hesitation.

Monique Martin Canada

I am grateful to have been part of this beautiful journey. The opportunities to grow and transform were incredible and I am blessed to have met such beautiful people. I learned so much about yoga and myself as a way of life. Being a part of the Balinese ceremonies was such an honor. I am inspired and looking forward the next chapter in my life.

Elvira Gesumaria, Canada

I so miss our time together…but the love and energy I carry with me in my heart…Learning from you & Anouk & well,  I learned many things from everybody… Has lifted my spirit & changed my world… So I thank you for that & for all of your kindnesses while I was there.

Laura Smiley

This is a beautiful and comprehensive teacher training. It is very challenging, rich and transformative. The depth of experience available through the staff is extraordinary and the blend of Balinese Pranala Healing with yoga offers a profoundly balanced, grounded practice based in the heart.

Robyn Sedwick, Australia

Yoga Pranala TT was a great blend of East and West. The material was unique, well put together for aspiring teachers.

Lakshmi Babu, USA

An unforgettable time with wonderful people, great teachers, a lot of yoga, surrounded by the beautiful nature and spirit of Bali.

Franziska Sydler Switzerland

The retreat surpassed my expectations. The resort setting is in paradise, constantly stimulating all the services. The food was beautiful. Linda is a soul full of universal knowledge to share in order to guide you at any level, to take your yoga meditation and spiritual connection to another dimension. We are sad to leave but feel blessed by the gifts we have been given!.

Rebecca Magestro Australia

This retreat was such an incredible experience. I came in with no expectations and open to what lay ahead. Linda and the staff gave me memories that I will never forgot. The location is absolutely stunning, the food mouthwatering and the staff meticulous with every detail! Linda is so passionate about what she does that I could not help but be inspired by her. She took me through an incredible journey of self healing for which I am so grateful. I will most definitely be back in the future and recommend this retreat to anyone who needs relaxation and self reflection. Thank you!! Namaste!.

Laura Powers Canada

Powerful, personal healing week with the privilege of meeting and being checked by Tjokorda Rai. Linda style is gentle, fluid and very loving. I learned much about posture and meditation and would recommend this retreat. With much gratitude and love.

Cathy Baker England

Linda Madani is an excellent teacher whose compassionate yet firm guidance helped me to go deeper into yoga and meditation practise than ever before. Followingher week-long Pranala workshop, my body and mind have never felt more centred and calm. I know I will forever integrate her teachings into my life.

Martha Carter Canada