Linda Madani is an inspired and inspiring teacher. She is profound, highly connected and very attentive to the well-being of all! And she has a sense of humor! She laughs! I attended all the sessions with eagerness and enthousiasm mainly because of Linda, her «presence», her vast knowledge, her passion, her simplicity and her beautiful heart!I discovered a wonderful universe in that type of yoga, so wonderful that I want to continue exploring it! I would strongly recommend this retreat without hesitation.

Monique Martin Canada

Thank you with all of my being for holding such a beautiful space for this transformational process for me. I never imagined the peace of mind, the life sustaining and the inspiration that this experience has provided me at this particular time in my life. I had much confusion about life, I feel as though I can move forward now with clarity, confidence, courage and peace. Much Love Linda!

S. Tomkins Canada

I found the TT to be very well organized. The whole team was excellent. I learned an incredible amount of both from a technical side, but also the history and other components of yoga Would recommend this program to everyone who is looking for an enriching training.

Sandrine Ferst, Canada, March 2018

Linda Madani is an excellent teacher whose compassionate yet firm guidance helped me to go deeper into yoga and meditation practise than ever before. Followingher week-long Pranala workshop, my body and mind have never felt more centred and calm. I know I will forever integrate her teachings into my life.

Martha Carter Canada

The “Healing Power of Yoga” retreat with Linda Madani was very powerful and provided us with tools that we can bring home and use for our own personal healing. Meeting with Linda’s teacher and the final ceremonies were undoubtedly the highlight of this retreat. All the activities (yoga classes, spa treatments, rituals) created the perfect atmosphere for healing. I enjoyed the balance between free time and organized activities. If I were to use one word to describe this retreat, I would use “empowering” I will definitely recommend this type of retreat.

Danielle Genereux Canada

I found the teacher training program to be extremely well organized.  The teachers were the best so far I have known.

Heidi Rendall, Switzerland

Yoga Pranala TT was a great blend of East and West. The material was unique, well put together for aspiring teachers.

Lakshmi Babu, USA

The retreat with Linda Madani was a powerful & potentially transformative experience, giving us practical tools to assist our personal healing journey as well and a lot of feed for thought + introspection ..

Alison Story Australia

Thank for the whole teacher training. Thank you for the love, thank for the knowledge, care and precious moments and thanks to all my friends, my new sisters, thanks for sharing the energy of love. We are whole, perfect and complete. We are beautiful and we are blessed. Namaste

Maya Tampilang, Indonesia

First of all I wanted to thank you again for all the knowledge you transfered to us, I really appreciated it! I’m not teaching right now because I’m in Australia, but I very much enjoy “just” being a student and learn from many different teacher here. Nvertheless, things are popping up in my mind during the lessons and you were so right when you said that we will remember it when we need it. It’s just beautiful!