This TT went beyond the expectations it was a truly transformative journey that helped me to reconnect with the true self. It gave me the energy and confidence to move forward on my spiritual path and let go what does not belong to me anymore.

Silvia Facchinello, Italy

Most Amazing experience! I am so thankful my first teacher training was Yoga Pranala. I am now forever transformed. My whole body is filled with more light and love than ever.

Zuri Walker, USA

Thank you very much for a wonderful Yoga Retreat. It was awsome. I will be coming back to Bali and hope to meet up with you again at your new Studio. I had a most wonderful experience. I thank you for that. You really do inspire me.

Leanne Mason Australia

An unforgettable time with wonderful people, great teachers, a lot of yoga, surrounded by the beautiful nature and spirit of Bali.

Franziska Sydler Switzerland

The Yoga Pranala Teacher Training intensive was an amazing and excellent course. The guidance we received was always professional compassionate, and extremely thorough. The Yoga Pranala style was the one that suited me and that I will continue to pursue and study. I highly recommend this course as it does not only prepare a student to be a yoga teacher but also nurtures the student on his or her own spiritual growth.

Subha Maruvada, USA

Perfect Balance, Perfect Harmony. Accessed to new areas for me. Finding a lot of pieces. I have never had a teacher like Linda. An experience I wish not to forget. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and also for taking us to meet your teacher. The rituals at the palace and on the beach: it is hard to describe what I experienced inside

Ulla Zumbuztz Switzerland

If the thought of going on a different kind of holiday has ever surfaced in your mind, do not put it aside. Follow the inclination and make your way to this worthwhile and empowering yoga pranala retreat programme, which is certain to bring you some new insights, understanding and awareness of oneself and others. All that is required is an open heart, to receive the wonderful teachings and blessings, which shall touch you in one way or another. With a group of loving and inspiring people-the retreat teacher Linda, the hotel staff, the fellow retreat participants; as well as the natural environment and thoughtfully prepared food, this is a retreat programme that leaves you with both renewed energy, as well as practical tools for self-healing and awareness.

Karen Tan Singapore

I would like to thank you for the amazing time and experience during the 200 hours teacher training ended on August 18th, 2017. It was a very special time and wonderful memories. I have learned a lot about yoga and myself, you are a great teacher and a wonderful role model and would love to continue the 300 hours training at Yoga Pranala.

Eman Hussein, July 2017

The quality of the teachers was outstanding, the passion and dedication and knowledge were inspiring. I came loving yoga and wanting to discover and learn more. I leave satisfied that have begun to learn and I have an even deeper love for yoga and want to continue to learn and discover more with more tools and direction to be able to do this.


Karenin Wise, Australia

Transformational experience with loving, warm, supportive teachers.

Hannah Wright, Australia