This retreat for exceeded my expectations, Serious, thoughtful, caring, competent, experienced guide and perfect location. Gourmet food with care for the individuals concerns and needs. Tranquil surroundings. First class all the way!

Shirley Ann,Canada

I am so grateful to have been on this TT. to make the connection with the girls and our beautiful teachers who worked tirelessly in putting a great teacher training. The food was also good.

2011 Graduate

I met Linda last year at her studio. I was drawn to Linda’s depth of knowledge and authenticity to her yoga and lifestyle. I knew from the 1st class that I attended that I would enjoy and get a lot out of her teaching. It was all I had hoped for. Thank you. I am so happy that you held space for all of us. I think of this group as wonderful extended family.

Lynn Weiss, U.S.A.

The teacher training was excellent, the caring and guiding teachers made an unforgettable experience for me. I’ve learned in these 22 days a lot about myself With Yoga Pranala Teacher Training, I have become an inspired beginner yoga teacher.

Edit Busa, Austria

We all have crossroad in our lives & I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone who is at a crossroad. The retreat helped me connect with my energy again & I’m leaving with a big smile and a lot of confidence. Doing yoga in such a beautiful setting has enabled me to feel a part of that beautiful connected. We have been totally pampered both physically & spiritually. Thank you & the divine Miss Linda.

Suzan Standbridge Australia

Along with a deepening of my knowledge of yoga, mediation and ayurveda, I was taken on a Balinese Spiritual experience that was far more profound than I could have hoped for.

Jenni Bolton, England

First of all I wanted to thank you again for all the knowledge you transfered to us, I really appreciated it! I’m not teaching right now because I’m in Australia, but I very much enjoy “just” being a student and learn from many different teacher here. Nvertheless, things are popping up in my mind during the lessons and you were so right when you said that we will remember it when we need it. It’s just beautiful!


Thank you for creating such a lovely and unique opportunity for my personal journey and first visit to Bali . I am blessed for the chance to come here and take it all in. I am confident that this experience will stay with me a long time, if not forever. I’d like to return and would recommend Kumara and Linda’s retreat to others. Thank you again for opening the doors to me and providing this experience

Amy Somer U.S.A.

I found the TT to be very well organized. The whole team was excellent. I learned an incredible amount of both from a technical side, but also the history and other components of yoga Would recommend this program to everyone who is looking for an enriching training.

Sandrine Ferst, Canada, March 2018

Absolutely amazing experience.  I learned so much more than I ever expected.


Caris Sides, Australia, March 2018