A man’s perspective on yoga pranala

A man’s perspective on yoga pranala

Tim Almond is a Yoga Pranala graduate from Perth, Australia, with an amazing life story.

“ I am from Australia. I was in the military for 13 years with the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Teams. I then left the military to start a personal training business specializing in exercise therapy. “

His life journey made him shift his career and start his yoga practice nearly two years ago when he discovered yoga through a meditation teacher.

After that, he decided to become a yoga teacher and join the Yoga Pranala Teacher Training in April 2017.

“ My girlfriend and I had started to learn and practice Tantra, and that’s basically how I found Linda. I wanted a teacher who connected with Tantra.

I liked that it wasn’t solely about the physical practice. I am very physically orientated, so I get enough of that through my other practices. I was looking for pranayama, meditative practices, and more spiritually aligned pathways. “

The training changed his perception of yoga, as he recalls.

“The training helped me understand my roots and where I fit into the larger picture of yoga philosophy. It also helped my personal practices evolve.

I strongly recommend this teacher training for anyone but especially to men wanting to discover their true self, deepen their practice and to become an inspiring and confident yoga teacher.

I wish with all my heart more men would have the courage to explore Intuitive Flow teacher trainings.”

Tim is now a yoga teacher, and he has integrated everything he learned during the training into his daily life.

“I integrated Yoga Pranala in my life through teaching classes mainly. Teaching helps me integrate the messages into living your own dharma.

As a man, I was looking for a softer more feminine style of yoga to help balance me out a bit. I have now taken everything I needed from pranala and brought it with me as I have finally found my feet teaching Hatha.

I use various Vinyasa Krama’s that I learnt from Linda nearly every class. My students generally feel a deeper sense of personal connection and enjoy the fact that my classes aren’t just Asana, I have themes and teachings for students to learn and grow from should they feel that something resonates with them.”

Tim is now offering yoga classes and retreats in Perth, Australia.

“ I am a co-founder of Yoga Sita in Perth, Australia and also of  Live Love Grow retreats .”