Consciousness and Prana

Consciousness and Prana

We all know the purpose of yoga is aligning “mind, body, and spirit” but how do we attain and maintain this balance?

Ancient yogic texts tell us that secret for balancing the different bodies is conscious breathing and that breath is the link between our material world, consciousness and mind.

Prana is the core and the essence of life and it flows through everything that exists and permeates the entire Universe. The breath is truly a vehicle for prana allowing consciousness to navigate through the different bodies.

The key point to understand is that consciousness and prana always co-exist together.

Basically our body is composed of compressed energy. Compressed energy responses to vibration.  Energy is very sensitive. We can raise our vibration, release unwanted energy and alter the nature of our energy through the practices asana with conscious breathing, pranayama, pranala, mudra, mantra, chanting, meditation and affirmation.

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