Healing one self

Healing one self

Broken heart I can help, heart broken go to the hospital.
~Tjokorda Gede Rai

Many years ago, when I got diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary, the doctor recommended that have surgery. I was fortunate to have consulted an open-minded doctor because when I told him I wanted to try to heal myself he said he was willing to give me a few months. There was no sense of urgency so I decided to take my time and try to understand the source of my condition. With the good doctor’s blessings I was able to start my healing journey. The truth is if he had said I needed surgery right away; I probably would have had surgery.

freedom4-300x300In the new age more and more people recognize and understand the relationship between emotion and illness. We know that failure to deal with spiritual, emotional, mental, challenges frequently results in the manifestation of illness in the body. Instead of denying, burying and avoiding uncomfortable feeling more and more people attempt and often succeed to heal them self by connecting to emotional pain that have been suppressed and by opening up to a higher spiritual power.

Sadly, some people choose to heal them self and not use conventional medicine because they want to remain in denial over the seriousness of their illness. Others take pride in healing themselves without weighing the consequences of their decision.

When people come to me for healing and they have a serious condition, I always tell them, “ why not put all the chances on your side. We are lucky to live in these days and age when we have access to both conventional medicine and alternative medicine.” If they are resolute in their decision to not use western medicine, I recommend they consult a proper Ayurvedic or Chinese doctor, or a naturopath, someone that is properly trained, someone that has medical training.

Conventional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms while spiritual healers address the source of the illness. In my healing practice, I assist people to heal their emotional and spiritual body before the illness has sunk deeply into the physical body. Illness is usually born in the emotional and spiritual body so when the disease is still sitting in the emotional or spiritual body I can help.

In my personal opinion, if the illness is too aggressive and developing too quickly, it is better to first work on the symptoms of an illness before working on the source. When illness is completely anchored in the physical body, I recommend my clients to seek the help of a health professional while I still can assist them during or after treatment.

Of course, I believe in the freedom of choosing what is right for oneself. Nothing is black and white and each story is different. That is why in yoga we practice witnessing with detachment so when life challenges us we can make enlighten decisions based on the guidance of our higher self.


Linda Madani